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Lookers takes security up a gear with Hexis Cyber Solutions

Lookers takes security up a gear with Hexis Cyber Solutions

Leading automotive retailer and distributor adopts next generation endpoint security solution to protect and secure sensitive business information

Hexis Cyber Solutions, Inc. (Hexis), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The KEYW Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: KEYW), has announced that automotive retailer and distributor, Lookers plc, is using its HawkEye G next-generation endpoint security solution in the UK and Ireland. HawkEye G is being used to protect Lookers’ business infrastructure against sophisticated cyber attacks to safeguard its reputation for outstanding business performance and continue its mantra of supporting ‘Customers for Life’.

“We’re very pleased to have Lookers as a customer. They strive to be an outstanding company that builds customer relationships which last for generations, and Hexis is excited to be a part it,” explained Chris Fedde, president of Hexis. “Their goal was clear, to go the extra mile in protecting customers’ sensitive data to maintain their trust and protect the foundations of its day-to-day operations. As a result, Lookers decided to look at a next generation endpoint security solution and ultimately chose HawkEye G. Hexis is thrilled to support a forward-thinking organisation so focused on protecting their customers,” said Mr. Fedde.

HawkEye G enables Lookers to detect, verify and respond to threats at machine speeds, enhancing the resiliency of its systems and its ability to safeguard its customers’ personal information and transaction data. Lookers has embraced the HawkEye G solution, implementing it across the UK and Ireland offices to more than 5,000 endpoints.

The platform enables Lookers to identify and take action against any new or existing threats on the endpoint and network. Lookers can now set policies for automated response based on HawkEye G’s proprietary ThreatSyncTM technology which correlates threat data and assigns each incident a severity score. Any threat that is serious will be prioritised as more severe and automatically remediated. While any threat that is scored between medium will be reviewed and remediated by the HSOC, a Hexis team of security experts that supports managed service customers.

“We recognised that in a sophisticated threat landscape, we needed to future-proof our business so that we have the secure foundations in place to build long-lasting customer relationships,” said Mark Valentine, head of information at Lookers. “By moving to more sophisticated and automated technologies, we now have the ability to prioritise our efforts on those areas that need immediate attention and quickly respond to any major threats. Through this approach, we have also taken the burden off our internal team, allowing them to focus on other areas that are important to our customers.”

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