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Josh Goldfarb, FireEye
Inside the paradigm-shift underway in risk mitigation

Inside the paradigm-shift underway in risk mitigation

When? 28th January 2016 – International Data Privacy Day

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Over the years, risk mitigation efforts have been focused primarily on preventive measures. Although prevention is a necessary component of a mature security program, it is no longer sufficient. The modern attacker is persistent, motivated, well-funded and adept at findings ways into an organization and taking that organization’s most sought-after data. To counter this new threat landscape, a paradigm shift is underway in the security realm — one that focuses on the right mix of prevention and detection/response to round out an organization’s risk mitigation picture.

Josh is an experienced information security analyst with over a decade of experience building, operating, and running Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Josh currently serves as VP and CTO – Emerging Technologies at FireEye. Until its acquisition by FireEye, Josh served as Chief Security Officer for nPulse Technologies. Prior to joining nPulse, Josh worked as an independent consultant, applying his analytical methodology to help enterprises build and enhance their network traffic analysis, security operations, and incident response capabilities to improve their information security postures. He has consulted and advised numerous clients in both the public and private sectors at strategic and tactical levels. Earlier in his career, Josh served as the Chief of Analysis for the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) where he built from the ground up and subsequently ran the network, endpoint, and malware analysis/forensics capabilities for US-CERT.

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