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Case Study – Alchemy Transmutes Ransomware into Solid Gold Security

Case Study – Alchemy Transmutes Ransomware into Solid Gold Security

Every day you hear of a hospital, school, government department or business being attacked by Ransomware, disabling their networks by encrypting important files. Recent security reports show over 90% of businesses were the target of a cyberattack in 2015, and 1 in 5 will be successfully infected with Ransomware during 2016.

Attackers no longer need to be technical whizz-kids with ‘off the shelf’ Ransomware toolkits available on the ‘dark-web’ for as little as £100 upfront or a share of the spoils through an affiliate model to infect as many businesses as possible.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), who don’t have a dedicated IT Security person and sophisticated defenses in place, are especially vulnerable.

This was the situation an award-winning building consultancy firm found itself in. Attacked by ransomware which bypassed their antivirus and encrypted all their valuable files and network backups.

As a professional services organization, failure to restore their network quickly would be disastrous risking both the building consultancy’s reputation and business. They needed some specialist IT advice so they called upon Alchemy Systems, an IT solutions company who offer a full managed security service.


As the ransomware had bypassed the consultancies existing antivirus Alchemy deep-cleaned the entire network and removed all traces of the infection.

Alchemy installed Adaptive Defense 360 from Panda Security which combines an advanced antivirus along with Endpoint Detection and Response technology to classify all active applications and stop future breaches.

There was only 7 days downtime from the initial infection to Alchemy having the consultancy business back up and running minimizing business impact.

“With Adaptive Defense 360 the process of securing the network using a single solution was much more efficient”, said Nathan Mills, Managing Director of Alchemy Systems, “and once implemented we could see suspicious activities being automatically classified and blocked without any need for manual intervention.”

View the case study to see how Alchemy Systems protect their clients:

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