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Get Rich! Binary Stock Trading Spam

Get Rich! Binary Stock Trading Spam

How would you like to make over $1100 DAILY using a system with a  97%+ proven success rate, 24/7 support and all while sitting back and letting the money earn itself? Sound too good to be true? Logic dictates that it probably is. This is what one email campaign is promoting and is our spotlight spam in this week’s Threat Thursday series. The AppRiver security research team has spotted the “Get Rich” campaign a few days ago. Stock trading spam isn’t anything new, of course, and each time we see new versions of these campaigns, they’re more refined than the last.

Each variant we’ve seen has made some quite outlandish claims about a binary stock trading software that can help users make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a daily basis. One email even went as high as to say you can earn $1978 per day! As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve even offered a free 30 day trial of this dubious money making system.


After clicking on the link provided, we were directed to a website that had some additional information about the company and it’s offerings. The webpage layout is reminiscent of something you might see for a television infomercial product. Visiting the site triggers an embedded YouTube video to play in the background featuring highly enthusiastic individuals who hype up the binary trading system and showcase their successes with earning thousands of dollars. Additional testimonials are seen below the video along with some supporting information about the trading system.


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