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Bad Bots Running Wild Online

Nearly every website containing a login page is under attack from bots looking to access the site, a new report has revealed. Distil’s 2017 Bad Bot Report, which looks back at 2016’s bot activity, found that 96% of websites with a login elements were hit by bot activity, while 97% of sites with proprietary content and/or pricing were hit by unwanted scraping. Around one-third (30%) of websites containing forms were hit by spam bots. Nine out of 10 websites were hit by bots that got behind the login page, which means they could have accessed sensitive data. Overall what makes websites attractive to bots includes: unique content and/or product and pricing information; sign-up, login, and account pages; payment processors; and web forms, such as contact, discussion forums, and reviews.

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ORIGINAL SOURCE: Infosecurity Magazine

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