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Lastline Announces Lastline Labs

Lastline Announces Lastline Labs

Lastline has introduced Lastline Labs, its internal research group and innovative core.  Lastline Labs brings together some of the most brilliant minds in the threat prevention community to collaborate and develop advanced cyber security solutions that successfully detect sophisticated threats and evasive malware. Lastline Labs focuses on innovating the field of advanced threat protection with an effective, scalable, and applicable approach to today’s issues faced by organizations of all sizes.

“Lastline Labs has a unique DNA and pedigree that combine academic excellence with a deep understanding of the threat landscape,” noted Giovanni Vigna, professor of computer science at UC Santa Barbara and co-founder and CTO of Lastline. “This has resulted in disruptive innovation that achieves the highest levels of efficacy in protecting against sophisticated attacks as well as continuous innovation through the transitioning of top-notch research into the real world.”

Using a mix of scientific and academic discipline and rigor, Lastline Labs leverages its knowledge and expertise of ever-evolving threats, including analysis of evasion techniques and how ransomware is delivered, to track the evolution, proliferation and impact of advanced malware. Lastline Labs has been instrumental in developing many of the innovations currently used in the Lastline solution including:

  • Full-System Emulation (FUSE) technique ­– Powers Lastline’s Deep Content Inspection™, which is at the core of how Lastline securely detects every behavior that each piece of malware is designed to carry out.
  • Global Threat Intelligence Network – Provides customers with insights into every malware sample ever analyzed by Lastline.
  • Network Traffic Analysis ­ – Uses behavior profiles to identify anomalous network traffic that could be indicative of malicious activity and data breaches.

Lastline Labs continuously monitors the cyber security landscape and analyzes new security threats and malware-based attacks, actively sharing information and findings via the Lastline Labs blog, research papers and Twitter to help keep security professionals informed of the latest threats, techniques and defenses. For more information, visit

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