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Everton FC tackles data security in the cloud with Netskope Active Platform

Everton FC tackles data security in the cloud with Netskope Active Platform

Netskope, the leader in cloud security, today announced a deal with Everton FC to implement software which protects the Premier League club’s confidential data in the cloud.


The Netskope Active Platform analyses all cloud services – sanctioned and unsanctioned – for all employees (whether on premises or remote) to provide complete visibility into what data is being stored and shared in the cloud, and the activities occurring within those cloud services. It will enable Everton FC to demonstrate best business practice by not only proactively protecting confidential data while enabling the club’s cloud-first strategy but also ensuring compliance with the incoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Faced with a huge quantity of highly sensitive and confidential information, from contract negotiations and players’ medical data to personal details belonging to the club’s global fan base, Everton FC required a solution which would keep this highly sensitive data secure in the cloud and ensure personal data remained private.


Keen to understand its cloud security stance, Everton FC undertook a detailed Cloud Risk Assessment with Netskope and partner EveryCloud to reveal which cloud services were in use within the business as well as the benefits of implementing cloud access security broker (CASB) software.


Using patented technology, Netskope’s cloud-scale security platform provides context-aware governance of all cloud usage in the enterprise in real time, whether accessed from the corporate network, remotely, or from a mobile app or sync client. Armed with this information, security professionals can understand risky activities, protect sensitive data, stop online threats, and respond to incidents in a way that fits how people work today.


In using Netskope Active Platform, Everton FC now has complete visibility into cloud usage and the ability to react immediately to keep data secure, mitigating cloud security risks and reducing regulatory exposure. By eliminating the risk of staff members uploading or sharing sensitive data in unsanctioned cloud services without IT’s knowledge, Everton FC employees can work securely from any location and on any device without compromising the club’s highly sensitive data.


“Data security is a key priority for the club,” said Phil Davies, ICT manager at Everton FC. “Information on players and their contracts is a vital asset for us and fans also entrust us with their data, including personally identifiable information. We take this responsibility seriously so we’re keen to provide employees with the right tools to boost productivity without compromising on security.”


Davies continued: “Netskope’s forward-thinking technology enables us to proactively identify risks and protect data so we can rest assured that players’ and fans’ sensitive data is protected in the cloud. Its deep cloud visibility capability and risk dashboard ensures we can accelerate our move to the cloud in a safe way – while demonstrating compliance with the GDPR.”


Founded in 1878, Everton FC is one of oldest football clubs in the world and a founding member of the English League. Throughout its long history, the club has maintained a forward-looking vision, being quick to embrace technology and the benefits of a cloud-first approach.


Sanjay Beri, CEO at Netskope, commented: “Everton FC understands the importance of protecting its confidential data, particularly when faced with stringent regulation requirements and an expanding threat landscape. Any large repository of data can be a target but major sporting clubs are an incredibly lucrative avenue for cybercriminals. To face this threat, Everton FC is implementing our solution to deliver unparalleled cloud security and support the club’s cloud-first philosophy.”


Keith Purves, co-founder at EveryCloud UK: “It’s very positive to see a club like Everton FC taking strong, proactive measures to protect its most important data, and we hope other clubs will recognise the very real risk and follow suit. Netskope’s solution was a perfect match for Everton’s requirements to keep sensitive data secure while enabling employees to work in a productive manner on any device.”

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