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Immersive Labs supports NCSC to help identify tomorrow’s cyber defenders

Immersive Labs supports NCSC to help identify tomorrow’s cyber defenders

Immersive Labs has partnered with CyberFirst and the Smallpeice Trust this summer to create a series of tailor-made skill pathways that will precede planned summer programmes across the UK as part of the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) ongoing set of initiatives to get young people interested in computer science. Today, Immersive Labs has opened up part of its innovative platform for identifying  budding cyberists to become an essential part of the application process for the Cyber Defender, Cyber Futures and Cyber Advanced courses running this summer.


In conjunction with Immersive Labs and The Smallpeice Trust, CyberFirst is helping thousands of young people who are eager to learn, creative in their application of computer science and passionate about safeguarding the UK online.  Young hopefuls aged between 14 and 17 must complete a series of specially selected labs through the Immersive Labs platform that demonstrate their cyber knowledge and skills in order to progress their course applications, jointly run by CyberFirst and The Smallpeice Trust.


As an integral part of the UK government’s National Cyber Security Programme, CyberFirst has a broad scope. It funds student bursaries for Computer Science degrees, sets national competitions, including a female-only competition and runs taster courses across colleges and universities to provide support, skills, experience and exposure for the next generation of cyber security talent.


James Hadley, CEO of Immersive Labs, is thrilled to be involved: “CyberFirst, The Smallpeice Trust and Immersive Labs all strive to close the cyber skills gap and nurture new cyber security talent. There are many hugely talented and passionate young people out there and it is our responsibility to give them the starting platform they need. I am ever so pleased that Immersive Labs is now part of CyberFirst’s mission to create the next generation of cyber heroes.”

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