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Privileged access management is the next great step for businesses to take in cybersecurity, says EACS

Privileged access management is the next great step for businesses to take in cybersecurity, says EACS

Insider threats represent a significant danger to organisations trying to guard sensitive data from breaches, especially as businesses are tasked with protecting ever-growing amounts of data in the GDPR era. To tackle this, managed services provider EACS believes that privileged access management (PAM) needs to become a fixture of any cybersecurity strategy, and has demonstrated this commitment by entering into a collaborative partnership with PAM pioneers Thycotic.


The collaboration will see EACS and Thycotic come together to bring the benefits of privileged access management to a wider range of businesses, as well as communicate the virtues of an approach to cybersecurity that places an emphasis on looking inwards for threats as well as outwards. This is line with Gartner recognising PAM as the top cybersecurity priority for 2018 in a recent report, which indicates just how serious the danger from insider threats has become.


Kevin Timms, CEO at EACS, said: “The threat of breaches caused by a company’s own employees will only continue to grow as the amount of data being handled by organisations increases exponentially, with GDPR adding an extra layer of scrutiny to the security process. Someone who has access to sensitive data may leak some of this information deliberately in a malicious attempt to discredit the company in some way, but such a breach could also be caused purely by accident, by an employee who is negligent or unaware of how to embrace cybsecurity best practices.


“This is where privileged access management will be instrumental in the battle against insider threats, and why we are delighted to have formed this new partnership with Thycotic. It is crucial that businesses are able to monitor and define more clearly who has access to specific data, and to be able to easily check that this data is being accessed and used in a mnner that is consistent with best practices. Thycotic has a superb track record in this area, so we are eagerly anticipating being able to bring the power of PAM to new UK businesses and markets.”


Simon Azzopardi, Vice President – International (EMEA & APAC) at Thycotic adds: “Keeping privileged accounts secure in today’s connected world can be a real challenge for organisations and staying ahead of cyber threats often requires a deep understanding of how to monitor and manage these accounts. Through this partnership, we can offer customers award-winning PAM protection that scales easily as the security landscape evolves.”


Timms concluded: “PAM is very much the next great step for organisations to take when it comes to implementing a watertight security strategy. It’s an often neglected part of the cybersecurity puzzle, but being wise to the insider threat is essential if businesses want to stay ahead of the game, especially now that GDPR is in full force.”

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