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Dan Raywood is the editor in chief of the IT Security Guru. A journalist with more than 13 years experience, Dan has been at the forefront of the information security industry.

As the news editor of SC Magazine he covered breaking stories such as Stuxnet, Flame and Conficker and the online hacktivist campaigns of Anonymous and LulzSec, and broke the news on the EU’s mandatory data breach disclosure law and a vulnerability which affected more than 200 sites.

Contact Dan on, by phone on 0207 1832 839

Microsoft patches critical Malware Protection Engine flaw

Microsoft has patched a remote code execution vulnerability impacting the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine – mpengine.dll – which provides the scanning, detection and cleaning capabilities for Microsoft’s various anti-virus and anti-spyware software including Windows Defender. The vulnerability is deemed critical in nature. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Techspot Read More »

Tomorrow’s cyber elite return to University of Cambridge for Inter-ACE cyber security challenge

Over 130 competitors from 18 of the UK’s leading cyber security universities will pit their skills against one another in a two-day cyber security competition organised by the University of Cambridge. Now in its third year, the Inter-ACE is supported by GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre to attract the best young minds into careers in the sector. Up for grabs ... Read More »

EMEA in Firing Line for Evolving DDoS Threats

F5 Labs today released new figures highlighting how DDoS attacks continue to grow and evolve in EMEA. According to customer data from F5’s Poland-based Security Operations Center (SOC), 2017 saw a 64% rise in mitigated incidents. EMEA is also firmly in the firing line, accounting for over 51% of reported global DDoS attacks.   Reflecting the spike in activity, F5 ... Read More »

Dark Web Drug Taskforce launched by US DoJ

The US Department of Justice has launched a Dark Web Taskforce in a bid to catch drug-dealers who are hiding their tracks on the dark web. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Infosecurity Magazine Read More »

Animals Adapt their Defences Based on Predators – we must too

Anthony Perridge,

Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Obviously, he wasn’t thinking of cybersecurity at the time, but he could have been. Consider for a moment how each species has developed a method of defence based on a single criterion – the capability of its main predator. Some animals bet on speed, while ... Read More »

Sophisticated cyber threats are biggest technology fear for financial and public sector in 2018

The financial services industry and public sector are aligned in their concerns about data and system security, with both citing a fear of harmful cyber threats emerging in 2018, according to a new study from digital workplace provider Invotra. The research, conducted among 504 senior IT managers working across public sector and financial organisations, found that 79% of those in ... Read More »

Eugene Kaspersky: We would quit Moscow if Russia asked us to spy

Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky has fired back at accusations that his company’s software was used to carry out spying for the Russian government, and said that if the Kremlin did ask the security firm to do anything wrong, he’d take the company out of the country. Reports have linked the use of Kaspersky software with the theft of NSA hacking tools, ... Read More »

As Apple fixes macOS root password hole, here’s what went wrong

Apple has emitted an emergency software patch to address the trivial to exploit vulnerability in macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.1, that allowed miscreants to log into Macs as administrators without passwords and let any app gain root privileges. The Cupertino iPhone giant kicked out the fix, Security Update 2017-001, today after word of the bug and methods to exploit it ran wild over ... Read More »

Uber says 2.7 MEEELLION(ish) UK users affected by hack

Uber has finally come up with a figure for the number of UK-based riders and drivers affected by its massive data breach: 2.7 million. The taxi hire firm has been slammed by regulators around the world for keeping the hack, which happened in October 2016, quiet for the best part of a year. To make matters worse, when it eventually ‘fessed ... Read More »

Google You Owe Us: Search engine sued for £2.7bn on behalf of 5.4 million people

Google could be forced to pay £2.7bn in compensation after it was accused of selling the data of more than five million iPhone users without their consent. A class action has been launched against the search engine giant over claims it harvested the browsing histories of users of Apple’s device by using an algorithm bypassing the default privacy settings on ... Read More »