Tuesday , 25 April 2017
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Dean is Features Editor at IT Security Guru. Aside from cyber security and all things tech, Dean's interests include wine tasting, roller blading and playing the oboe in his Christian rock band, Noughts & Crosses.

You can reach Dean via email - dean@itsecurityguru.org

Facebook and Twitter are Stopping Hackers by Paying to be Hacked

Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are paying hackers to find glitches in their system. Technological giants are shelling out possibly £156,000 to these ‘ethical hackers’ every day. One of the hackers has spoken out about his job. Known as Topiary online, Jake Davis is a former ‘black hat’ – meaning he was an illegal hacker. The 24-year-old was arrested at his Shetland home ... Read More »

Lifespan Notifies Patients of Potential Data Breach

Rhode Island’s largest health care provider says an employee’s laptop containing patient information was stolen, but there’s no indication that any patient’s information has been accessed or used as a result of the theft. The Providence Journal reports (http://bit.ly/2q4kfy1) that Lifespan recently sent a notice about the potential data breach to about 20,000 patients. The hospital network says the computer was ... Read More »

Cyber security centre of excellence to open at Cardiff University

A new research centre set up to provide world-leading research into the ever-growing problem of cyber security has today been launched by Cardiff University and Airbus.  The Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Analytics will be located at Cardiff University’s School of Computer Science and Informatics and will be the first centre of its kind in Europe.  Together with experts ... Read More »

Global survey reveals the impact of declining trust in the Internet on e-commerce

A new global survey reveals that Internet users are increasingly concerned about their online privacy, and that 49 percent of users polled say lack of trust is their main reason for not shopping online. The survey, conducted by Ipsos and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), in collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and ... Read More »

Donald Trump Misses his Own Cyber Security Plan Deadline After Promising to Deliver in 90 days

Donald Trump has missed a deadline on strengthening US cyber security. Before he was sworn in, Mr Trump said in a statement the US needs to “aggressively combat and stop cyber attacks.” He vowed to “appoint a team to give me a plan within 90 days of taking office.” We have now reached 90 days with no team, plan, report, or ... Read More »

Millions of Game Accounts Exposed in Data Breach, Responsibility Thrown to the Wind

In yet another example of a data breach, eyes have recently turned to a fashion gaming website which appears to have either ignored or is completely unaware of compromise. Fashion Fantasy Game is an online game and social network for fashion lovers. The platform, developed by fashion designer Nancy Ganz, allows users to design and sell virtual fashion items in their ... Read More »

Cyber Security is a ‘people problem’ says IISP Survey

…but more companies say they are better prepared to deal with a breach or incident Over 80% of security professionals identify ‘people’ as the industry’s biggest challenge compared to technology and processes, according to the results of the second annual survey from The Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP).  The survey also indicates that while 60% of respondents still feel ... Read More »

365 day countdown to GDPR: the ultimate checklist

The General Data Protection Regulation will come into force on the 25th of May 2018 and will require organisations to comply with a host of strict data protection rules for processing data of EU residents or face substantial fines as a result of non-compliance. This panel discussion will consider the regulation and what it means in a BREXIT context as ... Read More »

Your Premium Bose Headphones May Be Spying On You

Do you own a pair of premium wireless headphone from Bose? Chances are your music, podcasts and other audio activities are being spied on by the company as claimed by a lawsuit. Kyle Zak, once an avid user of Bose headphones has filed a lawsuit at the federal court of Chicago seeking an injunction to stop Bose from breach of ... Read More »

Error With Car Parking App Used by Councils Causes Serious Data Breach

An issue with a car parking app used by many local councils caused users to see the personal details of other people on the app, including information about vehicle registration and names. The app is used in 230 towns across the country by councils including Richmond, Milton Keynes, Lewisham and Westminster, and allows users to register several cars and pay ... Read More »