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Dean is Features Editor at IT Security Guru. Aside from cyber security and all things tech, Dean's interests include wine tasting, roller blading and playing the oboe in his Christian rock band, Noughts & Crosses.

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62% of UK firms lack full cybersecurity insurance

The number of UK firms with cybersecurity insurance has risen in the past year — but less than half say their cyber insurance covers all risks. The second annual cybersecurity survey from research and consultancy firm Ovum, for Silicon Valley analytics firm FICO, found that the number of UK firms reporting they have no cybersecurity insurance dropped from 31 percent ... Read More »

86% of websites at risk from hackers for simple security oversight

Security scans performed on 218,000 Magento websites, the most popular e-commerce platform, revealed 86% are missing critical security patches, according a leading cyber security consultancy. The survey carried out last month by Foregenix focused on SME company websites globally, including around 15,000 in the UK, also revealed 2% of the websites analysed are compromised and currently being harvested for their ... Read More »

Stockpiling cryptocurrencies painting target on large businesses

Three in 10 (30%) large UK businesses have admitted to being hit by cryptomining attacks within the previous month[i], according to new figures released today. The research, commissioned by Citrix and carried out by OnePoll, quizzed 750 IT decision makers across the UK regarding the growing risks of cryptomining cyber-attacks. A recent study found that 50 per cent of large ... Read More »

Hackers Can Turn Body Cameras Into Malware Spewing Machines, Security Expert Says

Once lauded as tools to enhance police accountability, body cameras have been facing increasing scrutiny from privacy advocates, and now one researcher has identified them as cybersecurity time bombs. Speaking to Wired ahead of a Def Con presentation, Josh Mitchell, a consultant at the security firm Nuix, demonstrated that many body cameras are vulnerable to hacking, making several different nightmare scenarios possible: officers ... Read More »

Cisco patches IOS in response to boffins’ IKE-busting breakthrough

Cisco has pushed out an update for its internetwork operating system (IOS) and IOS XE firmware in advance of a Usenix presentation on circumventing cryptographic key protocol. The networking behemoth is advising all customers running hardware that uses IOS and IOS XE to get the updates that address CVE-2018-0131, a security bypass vulnerability stemming from a weakness in the Internet ... Read More »

Former NSA top hacker names the filthy four of nation-state hacking

Rob Joyce, the former head of the NSA’s Tailored Access Operations hacking team, has spilled the beans on which nations are getting up to mischief online. Joyce gave one of the first talks at the DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas and interest was intense – the lines to get in stretched around the hall. Joyce congratulated the crowd on ... Read More »

Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards 2018 – DEADLINE EXTENDED!

The deadline to nominate your Unsung Heroes in the cybersecurity space has been extended until Friday, August 24th, giving you another two weeks to get your entries in.   Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards will take place on the 3rd of October to celebrate and reward all individuals or teams that have consistently demonstrated their dedication to IT security, often saving the ... Read More »

AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Aurora Serverless

Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company (NASDAQ: AMZN), announced general availability of Amazon Aurora Serverless. Aurora Serverless is a new deployment option for Amazon Aurora that automatically starts, scales, and shuts down database capacity with per-second billing for applications with less predictable usage patterns. Amazon Aurora Serverless offers database capacity without the need to provision, scale, and ... Read More »

Iron Rain: What Defines a Cyber Insurgency?

Tom Kellermann, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, and Rick McElroy, Security Strategist,
Carbon Black

“A fool pulls the leaves. A brute chops the trunk. A sage digs the roots.” – Pierce Brown   The western world is currently grappling with a cyber insurgency.  The widespread adoption of the “kill-chain” coupled with the use of memory resident malware has fueled the cyber-attack wild fire.  The security architectures mandated by regulators and standard bodies are collapsing. History ... Read More »

Education secretary urges tech industry to transform classrooms

Education secretary Damian Hinds has called upon large technology firms to use tech to tackle some of the biggest issues in schools Damian Hinds, the UK’s education secretary, has urged the technology industry to help schools overcome common issues in the classroom. Although schools, universities and colleges choose the technology tools best suited to their needs and budgets, they are ... Read More »