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Dean is Features Editor at IT Security Guru. Aside from cyber security and all things tech, Dean's interests include wine tasting, roller blading and playing the oboe in his Christian rock band, Noughts & Crosses.

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Federal agencies found to be failing at cybersecurity basics

The Office of Management and Budget reports that the federal government is a shambles — cybersecurity-wise, anyway. Finding little situational awareness, few standard processes for reporting or managing attacks and almost no agencies adequately performing even basic encryption, the OMB concluded that “the current situation is untenable.” View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Tech Crunch Read More »

27% of security teams receive over 1 million security alerts every day

A new survey from Imperva has revealed that 27 percent of today’s security teams receive over 1 million security alerts every day, which leaves 53 percent of IT professionals struggling to identify critical security incidents over false positives. As a result of the huge volume of alerts security teams are faced with today, the study also revealed that 30 percent ... Read More »

Facebook at the front all considering – Only 2% of UK Consumers consider GDPR to be NOT Important

Following Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting with the EU Parliament and GDPR coming into force from Friday, new research from GlobalWebIndex shows that consumers across the UK overwhelmingly describe GDPR as being extremely or very important to them in relation to their digital lives (76%), and just 2% think it has no importance. Further to this, 58% want to see companies being ... Read More »

Does Your Business Really Know How To Handle A Data Breach?

Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting,
Sungard Availability Services

Whilst data breaches can result in substantial fines that can hit company finances hard, they have many, often more immediate, impacts. Businesses that do not respond quickly and decisively at the first sign of a data breach will find themselves constantly struggling to play catch-up. This means that when the fine hits they are often in such a weakened state ... Read More »

RiskIQ’s Q1 Mobile Threat Landscape Report finds cryptocurrency and feral apps dominate; malicious apps in global app stores decline

RiskIQ, the global leader in digital threat management, today released its Mobile Threat Landscape Q1 2018 Report, which analysed 120 mobile app stores and more than two billion daily scanned resources. The findings showed that taking advantage of the popularity and volatility of the cryptocurrency landscape is paying off for threat actors via the mobile attack vector and that malicious ... Read More »

Trickbot and IcedID Botnet Operators Collaborate to Increase Impact

Vitali Kremez, Director of Research,

It wasn’t too long ago when different banking malware competed for victims, often seeking out and uninstalling one another upon compromising machines. Now, in what may indicate a shift toward more collaboration among cybercrime groups, the operators of the “IcedID” and “TrickBot” banking Trojans appear to have partnered and are likely sharing profits, based on operation details. Flashpoint analysts recently examined samples that indicate computers ... Read More »


Do you ever log on to a public WiFi hotspot to check on your bank balance, transfer money or maybe make online purchases? If the answer to these questions is yes, then according to Santander, your personal or online banking security could be compromised in just minutes.   As part of Santander’s campaign to raise consumer awareness of how to ... Read More »

New global study reveals consumers are happy to share their data

Consumers are more aware than ever of how their personal information may be collected and used, due to recent media interest and the new General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in Europe. Today, a new global survey reveals that despite significant cultural differences and maturity of their respective data economies, the majority of people (77%) are pragmatic or ... Read More »

UK the most breached country in Europe, but organisations aren’t feeling the threat

Thales, a leader in critical information systems, cybersecurity and data security, announces the results of its 2018 Thales Data Threat Report, European Edition, revealing the UK as Europe’s most breached country of last year. However, despite a 24 per cent increase in the number of attacks – figures rose from 43 per cent to 67 per cent year on year ... Read More »

Positive Technologies investigation: Cobalt-like attacks continue

In mid-May 2018, the Expert Security Center (ESC) at Positive Technologies detected a phishing campaign directed at the financial sector. A number of signs suggest that the Cobalt group or its past participants continue to operate.[1] The first investigation of Cobalt was performed by Positive Technologies in 2016: in a single night, the group stole the equivalent of over $32,000 ... Read More »