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Dean is Features Editor at IT Security Guru. Aside from cyber security and all things tech, Dean's interests include wine tasting, roller blading and playing the oboe in his Christian rock band, Noughts & Crosses.

You can reach Dean via email -

Cyber League Up Our Game to the Next level

Dr. Dan Manson, commissioner,

Today’s students have tremendous intellectual and technology skills they can be harnessed to achieve in many areas of American culture and business. What they lack are genuine real-life (“RL”) skills honed through practice and competition that can take them to the next level. If you consider a generation brought up in Internet-based and technology-based communication and interaction, it’s easy to ... Read More »

Which is most the dangerous global hacking cyber group? – AlienVault research

AlienVault researchers have listed Sofacy, also known as Fancy Bear or APT28, as the most capable hacking group in the world. This was based on ranking the top threat actors which have been reported the most frequently on the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX) Platform.   The results were then formulated to measure the cyber group’s activity (the number of ... Read More »

With the Advent of Biometrics, Are Passwords Going Away?

Jackson Shaw,,
VP of product management for One Identity

By Jackson Shaw, VP of product management for One Identity Facial recognition and fingerprint scanning for device authentication are no longer futuristic concepts reserved for James Bond movies. In fact, biometrics seem to be gaining ground over their inferior cousin, the password, by the day. So, why do we all still have more passwords than we would care to remember? ... Read More »

Global Research Finds UK Corporate Networks are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks Because of Hidden Threats and Careless Employee Behaviour with Apps

A10 Networks, a Secure Application Services™ company, today launched new research examining the behaviour and attitudes of the workforce towards the use of business and personal apps and its impact on risk, security and corporate culture. The Application Intelligence Report (AIR) was commissioned by A10 Networks and conducted independently with the intent to provide education for employers that helps them ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide to Cyber Security

Lucy Davis,
Top 10 Websitehosting

Unfortunately, it has become critically important that we are vigilant when it comes to online security. Cyber crime has become so common that it is not just the global businesses that get targeted but smaller businesses and even personal online devices are now targeted. And there are so many different variations of cyber crime now that it is increasingly difficult ... Read More »

CISO Chat – Thom Langford, Chief Information Security Officer for Publicis Groupe

Ever wondered what the role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) encompasses? To put it simply, they are the guardians and protectors of everything information security related to a business. However, the tasks are far from simple as their teams work around the clock to respond to incidences that directly affect the safety of the company and its data. ... Read More »

Data Sharing crucially important after Brexit

The UK needs a data-sharing deal with Europe to prevent serious problems for security and the economy, two former intelligence chiefs have said. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: BBC Read More »

Australia taking cyber security seriously

The Australian government has passed new data breach disclosure laws in efforts to tackle cyber security issues both at home and abroad. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Computer Weekly Read More »

Cryptocurrencies ads banned on Facebook

Facebook has made its stance clear on cryptocurriences by banning ads that promote the electronic currency across all its sites. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Silicon Republic Read More »

Zero Trust Model is essential for a tight cybersecurity system, says BOHH Labs

Simon Bain, CEO,

Following a recent report stating that cyber-attacks are pushing corporate fraud to an all-time high, with 86 percent of companies around the world reporting that they had experienced a cyber incident in 2017, it is becoming ever more apparent that most businesses have failed to comprehend the scale of corporate hacking. According to Simon Bain, CEO at BOHH Labs, one solution ... Read More »