Thursday , 21 June 2018
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Beacon Health Data Breach – IT Security Guru News

Saul O'Keeffe,
IT Security Guru

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Eskenzi has just been announced as the 120th biggest agency in the UK

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Michael Schumacher “dies” used as Facebook scam

Despite his condition improving in recent days, this has not stopped scammers from using the news about F1 legend Michael Schumacher as a lure.   According to ESET, this is the latest scam spreading on Facebook, and claims that Schumacher has died. The German driver suffered a severe head injury at the start of the Read More »

As people get smarter, the kit needs to be better

Herbert “Hugh” Thompson has become well known in the industry, mainly for his work as the programme committee chairman at RSA Conference, but I recently had the opportunity to talk to him with his Blue Coat hat on, about the move to protect against evolving and sophisticated threats.   Blue Coat announced the launch of an advanced threat protection suite ... Read More »

Practical Compliance Information on version 3

It’s around six months since the initial guidelines for the third version of the PCI data security standard were published. What caught my eye were the introduction of penetration testing factors and requirement 12 to “ensure that the security policy and procedures clearly define information security responsibilities for all personnel”. An interesting study appeared afterwards from Verizon, who ahead of ... Read More »

How data integration helps to combat cybercrime

Cyber security woes continue to burden the minds of organisations of all sizes. This has been further exemplified by the announcement from C5 Capital to launch the first cyber security-focused venture capital fund in Europe, as concerns about leaks and digital technology securities grow. The London-based firm is looking to raise $125 million to invest in security and data companies ... Read More »

Do your risk management right, or lose your bite

Risk management, policy, compliance and the rest of the ‘boring’ parts of where security collides with business, are all incapable of generating their own atomic metrics of results.   Speaking to security analyst Conrad Constantine, he said that these areas are “just conjecture”, as formalised security monitoring and response can generate detailed metrics for all these processes.   He said: ... Read More »

A year since Snowden’s revelations – industry views

Today marks one year since the first major headlines were published about the NSA’s mass surveillance programme.   Published on 6th June 2013, it was revealed by a number of news agencies, including the New York Times and the Guardian, that the NSA monitored user activity on Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants, while 24 hours later it ... Read More »

Domino’s refuses ransom payment – industry views

Yesterday saw the news breaking across the world that takeaway pizza chain Domino’s was being held to ransom by a hacker who had possession of 600,000 customer records.   In the story, the hacker “Rex Mundi” (who has since had his Twitter account suspended) wanted €30,000 (£23,000) or he would release the 600,000 customer details that included customers’ full names, ... Read More »

Respect Network Launches a New Paradigm

As an Internet populace we are increasingly being tracked, taken through covert redirects and are often at risk of serious fraud and abuse. And the situation only gets creepier as we put more of our lives online, and as corporations and governments get better tracking and analytics technologies. To be sure, most people are still happy to get “free stuff” ... Read More »