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Why Kubernetes is helping to make Cloud mainstream

Ronald Sens,
A10 Networks

By Ronald Sens, EMEA Director, A10 Networks There has been a lot of talk in the first half of 2018 around how cloud is being adopted for mission critical applications and becoming mainstream. Right now, the impact of cloud services, cloud technologies and practices for organisations is rapidly accelerating as we enter the next wave of cloud adoption.  To this ... Read More »

Emergence of Global Legislation Against ‘Fake News’ May Present Regulatory Risks

Rob Ames, Farsi Cybercrime Researcher,

In response to fake news becoming an increasingly pervasive issue affecting the global political climate, many countries have implemented, or are in the process of implementing, legislation to combat the online spread of false information. While it’s difficult to reach uniform conclusions about these different legislative acts, organisations with an online presence in countries with anti-fake news laws may be ... Read More »

Kroll Earns Global CREST Accreditation for Penetration Testing Services

Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps, a global leader in risk mitigation, investigations, compliance, cyber resilience, security and incident response solutions, announces that CREST has accredited Kroll as a global CREST Penetration Testing service provider. This accreditation affirms Kroll’s expertise and authority to conduct penetration testing for clients around the world and helps provide assurance to organisations regarding the ... Read More »

Weaving the security thread into the business conversation

Nick Nagle, CISO,
Conde Nast International and a finalist in the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards CISO Supremo category

It used to be difficult to discuss security within an organisation, terms like Phishing needed explanation, Denial of Service was when the local garage couldn’t change the oil in your car, and forget about Botnets. However over the years, and at an accelerated pace it has become easier for us security professionals to communicate types of risks and vulnerabilities – ... Read More »

The 3 Most Powerful Types of Threat Information Sharing – and How to Stay Compliant

Paul Kraus, CEO,
Eastwind Networks

By: Paul Kraus, CEO, Eastwind Networks When it comes to IT security, the unknowns impose the greatest threat. Luckily, many types of threats are very much on the cybersecurity radar. Institutions and organizations who pay attention and take advantage of available threat information sharing are more likely to succeed in keeping their networks secure from hackers and attacks. Unfortunately, threat ... Read More »

Law firms start collective action against BA

Law firm SPG Law has started the process of gathering names for a group action in the recent British Airways security breach that compromised more than 380,000 customers sensitive personal data. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Privacy Laws Read More »

Exploit vendor Zerodium releases zero-day for old version of Tor

Exploit vendor Zerodium, which made headlines in September last year by offering a million-dollar bounty for any zero-day exploits in the Tor browser running on Tails Linux or Windows, has itself released a zero-day exploit for the browser. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: IT Wire Read More »

‘Web hackers held my data hostage,’ says Wiltshire police commissioner

The revelation came as Wiltshire Police plans to this week shine a light on its digital investigations team. Angus Macpherson, who has acted as police and crime commissioner for Swindon and Wiltshire since 2012, said: “I was actually subject to a ransomware attack on my personal computer two years ago. The criminals demanded money and effectively held some of my ... Read More »

A group of researchers showed how a Tesla Model S can be hacked and stolen in seconds using only $600 worth of equipment

A savvy car thief could drive off with a Tesla Model S by using just a few, relatively inexpensive pieces of computing hardware and some radios — at least, the thief could have until recently, when Tesla fixed an overlooked vulnerability in its cars’ security systems. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Business Insider Read More »

LuckyMouse Group is back and using a legitimate certificate to sign Malware

The Kaspersky Lab Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) has discovered several infections from a previously unknown Trojan, which is most likely related to the infamous Chinese-speaking threat actor – LuckyMouse. The most peculiar trait of this malware is its hand-picked driver, signed with a legitimate digital certificate, which has been issued by a company developing information security-related software. View ... Read More »