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As GDPR deadline looms, time for compliance is running out

GDPR is a game-changing piece of data protection legislation that goes into effect on May 25, 2018. While the legislation includes various components related to how organizations collect, store, manage and protect customer data, the ‘right to be forgotten’ gives individuals the right to have personal data erased. If most organizations cannot locate where their customer data is stored, it will ... Read More »

Was the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 hack a hoax? Disney CEO says no movie was stolen

Disney CEO Bob Iger has reportedly confirmed that the company was not hacked and no movie was stolen by hackers. Reports of Disney having allegedly been hacked and held to ransomrecently broke, just days before the much-anticipated release of the Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie. However, the hackers’ threat to release portions of the movie ... Read More »

Android Users Tricked Into Installing Malware Via “App-For-Money” Scheme

An eight-month-long investigation by Roman Unuchek, a security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, has uncovered one of the most complex malware distribution schemes seen to date on the Android malware scene. According to Unuchek, for the last year, the criminal group behind the Ztorg Android trojan has been using so-called “rewards apps,” to deliver malware on the devices of unsuspecting users. ... Read More »

European businesses not seeking help from the security industry to comply with GDPR regulations

European research conducted by PAC on behalf of Reliance acsn has outlined the challenges and concerns that security professionals across Europe are facing and how they approach the serious issue of outsourcing functions. One of the key findings of the report was that compliance and GDPR were not seen as important reasons for employing third party security firms, despite the ... Read More »

Jaff Ransomware Switches to the WLU Extension and Gets a New Design

A new variant of the Jaff ransomware was discovered by security researcher Brad Duncan that includes an updated design for the ransom note and the new WLU extension for encrypted files. Like the first variant of Jaff, this new version continues to be distributed through MALSPAM campaigns that utilize malicious documents and macros to download and install the ransomware. For those who are infected, or just wish ... Read More »

Mobile Ransomware More Than Trebled in Q1, 2017

The global nightmare of ransomware shows no sign of slowing down, with the volume of mobile ransomware rising over three-fold (3.5 times) during the first few months of the year, according to Kaspersky Lab’s Malware Report for Q1, 2017. The number of mobile ransomware files detected reached 218,625 during the quarter, compared to 61,832 in the previous quarter, with the ... Read More »

WannaCry ransomware attack: How UK businesses can stay protected online

Earlier this month, businesses and organisations of all sizes from around the world were hit by a large-scale cyber attack, known as WannaCry, leaving them unable to access systems and data. The attack continued to affect companies over the days that have followed. WannaCry is a form of ransomware, meaning it is a computer virus which encrypts files and keeps ... Read More »

One third of executives have blockchain on their mind

In a study among C-Suite executives seeking their perspective on blockchain, one third of almost 3,000 executives surveyed are using or considering blockchain in their business. According to the new IBM study, eight in ten of those exploring blockchain are investing either in response to financial shifts in their industry or for the opportunity to develop entirely new business models. View full story ... Read More »

HSBC voice recognition security system duped by customer’s twin brother

HSBC’s much-touted voice recognition software, used by half a million customers to verify their identity and secure their bank accounts, has successfully been duped by the brother of one of its customers. In an investigation carried out by BBC Click reporter Dan Simmons and his non-identical twin, Joe, the brothers revealed that it was possible to breach an HSBC customer’s ... Read More »

SSD Drives Vulnerable to Attacks That Corrupt User Data

NAND flash memory chips, the building blocks of solid-state drives (SSDs), include what could be called “programming vulnerabilities” that can be exploited to alter stored data or shorten the SSD’s lifespan. During the past few years, SSDs have slowly replaced classic disk-based HDDs as the prime storage medium for the world’s data, taking over not only in data centers, but ... Read More »