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Cybersecurity Is About More Than Reacting to Attacks

Reacting quickly to cyberattacks is a vital aspect of cybersecurity. A prompt response can be the difference between minimal damage and catastrophic data loss. Additionally, cybersecurity experts value the importance of preventive and offensive measures, whose presence is as important, if not more so, for cybersecurity professionals to master as a quick response. A quick, effective response combines with preventive ... Read More »

Changes Made to White House Security Clearance Policies

The recent history of security clearances in the Trump White House has raised eyebrows. Jared Kushner’s clearance application contained errors and omissions of a type “never seen” by some who are close to the approval process for clearances. Another recent headline saw questions raised about Rob Porter — the former White House staff secretary — and why he was granted ... Read More »

Is Investing in Cryptocurrency Worth the Security Threats?

Even people who aren’t familiar with investing have heard of cryptocurrency — especially lately since it has frequently made headlines. Some of those news stories about digital currencies focus on the rapid rises — and seemingly inevitable declines — of Bitcoin, one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies. Others discuss how people had relatively stable lifestyles but lost most of what ... Read More »

Data Breach Risks 2.9 Million Norwegians’ Health Care Information

Norway was among the latest successful targets for cybercriminals, and this recent attack involved health information. The victimized organization was Health South-East RHF, which manages hospitals in nine Norwegian counties in the southeastern part of the country. It received a notification on Jan. 8 when HelseCERT, a computer response team for the health sector, advised the company of suspicious traffic ... Read More »

6 Things That Make You a Target for Hackers

Viruses and malicious software both top the list of common computer threats in the 21st century, but we can’t lose focus of one of the more traditional dangers: hacking. A criminal art form that once required hours of scanning computer code and immense knowledge of networking infrastructure is now accessible to nearly anyone with a few hours of spare time ... Read More »

New Report: 30% of CEO Emails Exposed in Breaches

The phrase “new normal” usually offers little comfort — particularly when stolen secrets are in the mix. It’s true. Data breaches have become so commonplace that we’re nearly numb to them. But now a new report indicates, the damage might be more widespread than any of us wanted to believe. As many as 30 percent of CEOs may have had ... Read More »

Pay Attention to These 5 Security Tips When Buying Cryptocurrencies

There are many ongoing discussions about the use of blockchain across various industries and markets.   In short, it is the distributed ledger technology or underlying foundation of Bitcoin, one of the most high-profile cryptocurrencies.   There are both public and private blockchains, and each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses regarding security. But the system itself, which ... Read More »

5 Security Updates Made With Android Oreo

There are some things you can count on when it comes to new Android operating systems. First, they’re all named after sweet treats such as Gingerbread and Lollipop. Also, each one includes progressively better security features. Below, we’ll examine five security enhancements associated with Android Oreo. Restrictions on System Alert Windows Android Oreo, like other operating systems before it, includes ... Read More »

New Patent Uses Circuit Boards to Protect Cryptographic Information

It’s everywhere. Seemingly everywhere you turn, there’s somesort of virtual attack happening. Ever since the invention of the computer hackers, have been around. But, it has only been in the last decade or so that hackers have come to the forefront of society. Today, attacks such as the WannaCry incident prove that online security is something that is of the ... Read More »

Deep Root Analytics Is in Deep Trouble With Voter Data Breach

Cybersecurity experts speculate that in our current state, up to 70% of cyber attacks, including breaches, go undetected in a given year. Part of identifying and stopping breaches is knowing what kind of information cybercriminals are after, and election season creates hotbeds of public information that are prime targets for a breach. The companies that house this information are, of ... Read More »