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12% of Security Professionals Have Considered ‘Black Hat’ Activity

Numerous studies focus on aspects of cybercrime aftermath, such as a company’s lost reputation or its struggles to obtain future clients after incidents. However, Malwarebytes commissioned Osterman Research to determine the direct costs of cybercrime associated with three areas: the costs of major event remediation, expenses for security budgets and cybercrime caused by so-called “gray hats.” The rest of this ... Read More »

Russia Suspected in German Energy Firm Hacks

Last fall, energy companies in several countries, including Germany and the United States, found out via a cybersecurity report from Symantec that hackers had figured out a way to breach their infrastructures. These hackers could potentially switch off the power grids at those establishments and wreak havoc on their computer systems. Now, more recent news includes allegations that Russia was ... Read More »

5 Enterprise Cybersecurity Threats and How to Minimize Them

The top companies of generations ago didn’t have to worry about cybersecurity because the internet didn’t exist yet. Because it’s so prevalent in our society now, criminals turn to the online realm to wage war against victims — and often target entire organizations in the process. It’s essential for business leaders to be aware of potential cybersecurity threats to enterprises ... Read More »

Why Health Care Gets Such Flak for Its Cybersecurity

The health care industry is consistently under attack thanks to cybercriminals who eagerly attempt to snatch valuable data, costing organizations substantial financial and reputational damage. People often weigh in and wonder why the overall industry can’t sufficiently beef up its cybersecurity strategies. However, the headlines they see that alert the public about breaches and other issues don’t tell the whole ... Read More »

16,500 Student Loan Borrowers’ Information Exposed in Data Leak

Data sent to a third-party vendor that was not authorized to receive it led to a data breach involving 16,500 people associated with student loans. The affected company is Access Group Education Lending, and the company became aware of the situation on March 23. What Kind of Information Was Leaked? The public doesn’t know the third-party vendor’s name, but the ... Read More »

Cybersecurity Experts Put Burden of Hacking Protection on Device Makers, Not Users

Two new reports from lead author Professor Nick Jennings of Imperial College London and other cybersecurity experts assert that device manufacturers have a larger burden to protect consumers from cybersecurity attacks than the device users themselves. The report points out that although it’s important for users to be as proactive as possible in that regard, many people don’t know the ... Read More »

There Are Some Big Problems With This Data Breach Bill. Retailers Want Them Fixed.

We are reaping the proverbial whirlwind of our long years of relentless technological advancement. Cyber-insecurity and constant data breaches are some of the growing pains of digital and wireless technologies. And even now, the private and public sectors can’t seem to agree on how to solve it or how bad things need to get before we do. An illustrative example ... Read More »

Cybersecurity Is About More Than Reacting to Attacks

Reacting quickly to cyberattacks is a vital aspect of cybersecurity. A prompt response can be the difference between minimal damage and catastrophic data loss. Additionally, cybersecurity experts value the importance of preventive and offensive measures, whose presence is as important, if not more so, for cybersecurity professionals to master as a quick response. A quick, effective response combines with preventive ... Read More »

Changes Made to White House Security Clearance Policies

The recent history of security clearances in the Trump White House has raised eyebrows. Jared Kushner’s clearance application contained errors and omissions of a type “never seen” by some who are close to the approval process for clearances. Another recent headline saw questions raised about Rob Porter — the former White House staff secretary — and why he was granted ... Read More »

Is Investing in Cryptocurrency Worth the Security Threats?

Even people who aren’t familiar with investing have heard of cryptocurrency — especially lately since it has frequently made headlines. Some of those news stories about digital currencies focus on the rapid rises — and seemingly inevitable declines — of Bitcoin, one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies. Others discuss how people had relatively stable lifestyles but lost most of what ... Read More »