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Lara Lackie is a reporter for The IT Security Guru.

CIA’s Weeping Angel provides a stark warning to device manufacturers on IoT security

The latest tranche of confidential documents released by WikiLeaks has demonstrated that the CIA and MI5 have developed techniques which enable them to use Internet of Things-connected devices, such as smart televisions, for surveillance purposes. This should serve as the starkest reminder yet to device manufacturers and their users that alarming security holes remain, which could have dire consequences if ... Read More »

Humanising the Internet of Things

V R Vijay Anand,
Wipro Digital

  In recent times there have not been many things that are of the same magnitude as the Internet of Things (IoT), according to estimates there are billions of connected devices around the world. IoT is in essence the digital equivalent of holding hands, and in 2016 the grand total of connected things on planet Earth rose to 6.4 billion. ... Read More »

PSD2 and the e-commerce system

Ian Newns and Nathan Close, RSA

By Ian Newns, Senior Business Solutions Architect EMEA, RSA and Nathan Close, Head of Solutions Engineering EMEA, RSA. The European Banking Authority recently drafted the latest technical standards for the Payment Services Directive II (PSD2), which serves as the legal foundation for a new cross-EU payments market. In 2016, European e-commerce sales are expected to increase 17% to €183 billion and ... Read More »

Are you paying attention to your threat intelligence’s shelf life?

Steve Rivers,

With each day that passes, threat intelligence platforms automatically absorb hundreds, thousands, potentially millions of indicators, forcing teams, and vendors, to quickly define a threat data lifecycle or expiration strategy. This has been a controversial discussion for most of my career. Much like attribution, expiration efforts are very subjective and depend entirely on tools, adversaries, feeds, and the teams’ sanity ... Read More »

Securing Connected Cars

Mark Weir,

By Mark Weir, Regional Director – UK & Ireland, Fortinet The technology in today’s connected cars is amazing. They warn you if you stray out of your lane, and let you know if there is another vehicle in your blind spot. They have adaptive cruise control, alert you of cross traffic, have collision detection and automatic braking, and even turn ... Read More »

Non-Malware Attacks Set to be the Biggest Problem for CIOs

Eric O’ Neill,
Carbon Black

Written by National Security Strategist, Eric O’ Neill, Carbon Black A CIO’s job has never been harder. The growth and development of existing and emerging threats are stretching security teams to the breaking point. Non-malware attacks, in particular, are posing a significant risk to organisations. These non-malware attacks are capable of gaining control of computers without downloading any files and ... Read More »

How CSOs can avoid the shadow of a cyber security Groundhog Day

Duncan Hughes,
A10 Networks

Written by Duncan Hughes, Systems Engineering Director, EMEA, A10 Networks Every year, in the US town of Pennsylvania, people gather in droves to watch a groundhog predict how much longer winter will last. For Americans, it’s a pretty big deal to see this glorified gerbil pop up and look terrified as throngs of onlookers wait in hushed silence to see ... Read More »

Information management 101 – mid-market blunders and how to avoid them

Elizabeth Bramwell,
Iron Mountain

Mid-market companies are the engine room of our global economy. In the UK alone, the sector employs 50 per cent more people now than it did in 2010[1]. Despite this vital role, when it comes to managing and safeguarding one of its most key assets – information – the mid-market can often be found guilty of missing a few vital information ... Read More »

How does the board make informed decisions on cyber risk?

Jean Frederic Karcher,

Picture the scene: your organisations’ name splashed across the papers for all the wrong reasons. Employee data lost, customer data leaked online, passwords stolen. With the number of data breaches increasing every day, this scene is all too familiar. As the challenges of information security continue to garner the attention of business executives, information security and risk professionals require accurate, ... Read More »

Europe’s banking system needs active management of cyber-security borders

Chris Dye,

By Chris Dye, VP Marketing and Communications, Glasswall Trump, Brexit and the lingering after-shocks of the credit crisis – banking in Europe is under heavy scrutiny at the moment as it copes with all the pressure.  Yet the wise heads concerned about the resilience of the banking system are also now focusing on cyber-security, with much discussion of how to ... Read More »