Friday , 24 November 2017
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Apple, Microsoft and Facebook form group to push reform of Government surveillance

President Barack Obama has said that he will propose “some self-restraint” to the National Security Agency (NSA) in order to rein in rampant snooping, but said that it does a very good job about not engaging in domestic surveillance.   Speaking to MSNBC’s Hardball last week, Obama defended the intelligence agency, saying that it does a good job in not ... Read More »

Intercepted certificates causes red faces for French security agency

Human error has been blamed in relation to an incident where digital certificates were signed that claimed to belong to the French administration.   The French security agency said in a statement that an effort to “strengthen the overall IT security of the French Ministry of Finance” led to digital certificates being signed by the certification authority (CA) of the ... Read More »

Botnet contained two million credentials for major applications

Two million compromised accounts have been detected, including more than 1.5 million login credentials.   According to a blog by Trustwave’s SpiderLabs, these were from data leaked from the Pony botnet controller and more than 318,000 were Facebook logins. Other login data related to Yahoo, Twitter and Gmail, as well as Russian social networks.   In total there are users ... Read More »

Has your email address been breached – find out here

A website which can tell users if their email address has been hacked and is used elsewhere has been launched.   Created by security blogger and Microsoft MVP Troy Hunt, consolidates data from five major breaches that was revealed publicly and was readily available via various sites on the web: Stratfor; Adobe; Gawker; Yahoo; and Sony. Hunt said that ... Read More »

Intel division announces acquisition of hackathon technology

Hacker League, a platform for managing hackathons, has been acquired by Intel and will be formed into the Mashery division.   According to a blog post by co-founder Mike Swift, Intel company Mashery has acquired the assets of Hacker League, just two years after the university project was built. “Since then, hackathon organisers in the US and abroad have listed ... Read More »

Around 140 CryptoLocker C&C domains sinkholed

Around 140 command and control (C&C) domains have been taken down that apparently hosted the CryptoLocker ransomware.   According to a blog by Malware Must Die, 138 domains have been suspended or sinkholed which hosted the rampant ransomware. “A Trojan Downloader is a type of virus that infects a computer like any other virus, but the key difference is that ... Read More »

To achieve the human firewall, think like the attacker

Consider who comes into your office, and educate users to achieve the “human firewall”.   Speaking at an event in London, Peter Wood, CEO of penetration testers and consultancy First Base Technologies, said that users should be warned about locking workstations as “cleaners are never vetted” and servers are often accessed remotely as “IT people don’t like getting their knees ... Read More »

Akamai announces plan to acquire Prolexic

Akamai has announced that it plans to acquire cloud-based security vendor Prolexic for $370 million (£226 million).   Adding cloud-based security solutions for protecting data centres and enterprise IP applications from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, the acquisition will see Akamai add these services to its web optimisation and security offerings once the definitive agreement is signed.   Akamai ... Read More »

CryptoLocker switches tactic to hit enterprises

The CryptoLocker ransomware has shifted its focus away from consumers and small businesses to enterprises.   Speaking to IT Security Guru, Symantec security strategist Sian John said that in the last two weeks, enterprises had begun to see it getting blocked at the gateway and she expected that those who had been hit was due to “bad hygiene”.   She ... Read More »

Attack against critical national infrastructure “only a matter of time”, as security professionals wade through incident data

Research has showed that 41 per cent of IT professionals believe it is only a matter of time before there is a major cyber attack against the United Kingdom’s critical national infrastructure. The research, commissioned by RedSeal of 350 IT professionals and conducted by OnePoll, found that 17 per cent are simply not convinced it will not happen. Also, only ... Read More »