Monday , 23 April 2018


Cybersecurity Experts Put Burden of Hacking Protection on Device Makers, Not Users

Two new reports from lead author Professor Nick Jennings of Imperial College London and other cybersecurity experts assert that device manufacturers have a larger burden to protect consumers from cybersecurity attacks than the device users themselves. The report points out that although it’s important for users to be as proactive as possible in that regard, many people don’t know the ... Read More »

There Are Some Big Problems With This Data Breach Bill. Retailers Want Them Fixed.

We are reaping the proverbial whirlwind of our long years of relentless technological advancement. Cyber-insecurity and constant data breaches are some of the growing pains of digital and wireless technologies. And even now, the private and public sectors can’t seem to agree on how to solve it or how bad things need to get before we do. An illustrative example ... Read More »

Cybersecurity Is About More Than Reacting to Attacks

Reacting quickly to cyberattacks is a vital aspect of cybersecurity. A prompt response can be the difference between minimal damage and catastrophic data loss. Additionally, cybersecurity experts value the importance of preventive and offensive measures, whose presence is as important, if not more so, for cybersecurity professionals to master as a quick response. A quick, effective response combines with preventive ... Read More »

Changes Made to White House Security Clearance Policies

The recent history of security clearances in the Trump White House has raised eyebrows. Jared Kushner’s clearance application contained errors and omissions of a type “never seen” by some who are close to the approval process for clearances. Another recent headline saw questions raised about Rob Porter — the former White House staff secretary — and why he was granted ... Read More »

Data Breach Risks 2.9 Million Norwegians’ Health Care Information

Norway was among the latest successful targets for cybercriminals, and this recent attack involved health information. The victimized organization was Health South-East RHF, which manages hospitals in nine Norwegian counties in the southeastern part of the country. It received a notification on Jan. 8 when HelseCERT, a computer response team for the health sector, advised the company of suspicious traffic ... Read More »

New Report: 30% of CEO Emails Exposed in Breaches

The phrase “new normal” usually offers little comfort — particularly when stolen secrets are in the mix. It’s true. Data breaches have become so commonplace that we’re nearly numb to them. But now a new report indicates, the damage might be more widespread than any of us wanted to believe. As many as 30 percent of CEOs may have had ... Read More »

Tenable Network Security profile – Gavin Millard: unsecured application containers are creating big risks

These might be boom times for anyone involved in application containerisation but lurking just under the surface are a host of security issues that development teams are only now starting to get to grips with. It’s an old story for the security industry that has played out numerous times in the past: a new technology arrives on the back of ... Read More »

How backup can help businesses never be held hostage by ransomware

Richard Agnew, VP NW EMEA,

Paying ransom fees to regain access to data in the vague hope that criminals will release files from hostage is a known phenomenon that continues to demand regular column inches. But currently, with ransomware on the rise, no company wants to get into the habit of paying out a ransom fee to access their own services. Ransomware threats reached an ... Read More »

The end of the “It’ll never happen to me” mentality

Stephen Morrow, Principle Security Consultant,

Take security seriously The end is nigh. More and more data breaches are happening each day and more information is being stolen than ever before. Attack vectors such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) and Ransomware are on the rise. The former taking out half of the Internet last October when global DNS server Dyn got hit by a huge ... Read More »

Giving millennials the keys to a kingdom without borders

By Al Sargent, Sr. Director of Product Marketing,

From mobile phones to WiFi door locks and ingestible smart pills, connected devices that make up the Internet of Things are entering our offices, home, and even bodies at an astonishing rate. Such devices were once a distant figment of our imagination or something only dreamt up in a Sci-Fi film, but we’re quickly becoming dependent on them to track ... Read More »