Friday , 24 November 2017
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Aadhaar Data Leak

More than 200 central and state Govt websites have leaked the personal user data of individuals using India’s National ID system. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: IBTimes Read More »

Pricing of Goods and Services on the Deep & Dark Web

Olivia Rowley, Analyst,

The Deep & Dark Web facilitates an expansive and dynamic underground economy shaped by the diverse skills and motivations of a wide range of adversaries. The forums and marketplaces where illicit goods and services are exchanged have come to play an influential role in today’s cyber and physical threat landscape by providing access to the means to carry out various ... Read More »

Flaw discovered in Amazon Key

A vulnerability has been discovered in the newly introduced Amazon Key, which allows couriers into your house without having to interact with the owners. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Inquirer Read More »

NSA hack blamed on Microsoft Software

Kaspersky Labs are placing the blame on malware infected Microsoft Office software and not its own for the stolen top-secret data on US intelligence materials. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Gears of Biz Read More »

Cyber Degree Bursary still available from NCSC

The NCSC is calling out any students looking to go to university to apply for there £4,000 CyberFirst student bursary. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Enterprise Times Read More »

A city is US still suffering from ransomware attack

A city in Tennessee is still suffering from a ransomware attack after refusing to pay the $250,000 ransom demand. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: SC Magazine Read More »

Brussels vs Britain: GDPR preparation gap exists between IT professionals across Europe

New research of European businesses, conducted by Kaspersky Lab, has revealed surprising variations in the levels of preparedness for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With less than nine months to go before the regulations become enforceable, there’s a surprising – and worrying – inconsistency of readiness levels across IT decision makers in Europe. With businesses that process personal data ... Read More »

Data-Driven DDoS Defence Decision Making

Mike Hemes, Regional Director,
A10 Networks

The unrelenting wave of multi-vector DDoS attacks has blossomed into a full-fledged systemic problem for organisations of all sizes. And it shows no signs of slowing. To calm the mounting concern over inadequate multi-vector DDoS protection and defence capacity, organisations find themselves tapping already strapped budgets to increase spending on DDoS detection and mitigation. In fact, 74 percent of respondents ... Read More »

Cyber Security Summit & Expo is well under way

There has been a very strong start to the Cyber Security Summit & Expo, taking place at the London Business Design Centre. Speakers so far at largest one-day UK event dedicated to Cyber Security have included Mark Sayers, Deputy Director in Cyber and Government Security at the Cabinet Office, who told delegates that the fight was on “to make the ... Read More »

Nearly 2,000 Jewson customer exposed after breach

Building suppliers,  Jewson has warned their customers that their details may have been compromised following a data breach. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Inquirer Read More »