Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Savers Lose Millions to Fraudsters

The Times has revealed that a surge in criminals targeting British pension riches means savers are being scammed out of half a million pounds every day. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Times Read More »

Russia blamed again for NotPetya

Australia has joined the UK and US in blaming Russia for the NotPetya attacks. This comes after much consultation with the Australian intelligence services and the UK and US governments. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: ZDNet Read More »

Gold Lowell extorting money via ransomware

The cyber hacking group known as Gold Lowell has been using scan-and exploit tactics to infect and extort victims, collecting over $350k in the process. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Dark Reading Read More »

100s of vulnerabilities uncovered by Hack the Air Force 2.0

Bug bounty platform HackerOne uncovered over 100 vulnerabilities after hosting a 20 day competition to find flaws in federal systems. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: ZDNet Read More »

Russian hackers steal $6 million on SWIFT system

An unknown group of hackers have stolen a reported $6 million after a successful attack on the SWIFT international payments messaging systems in Russia last year. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Reuters Read More »

The Destructive nature of North Korean Cyber-Attacks

Attacks like WannaCry and NotPetya were highly destructive on a scale never seen before. The disruption has still left some organisations suffering from the financial repercussions. The reach of the attacks shocked many within the cyber industry and just this month, Ciaran Martin, the head of the National Cyber Security Centre, warned UK organisations to fear ‘reckless’ cyber attacks – ... Read More »

How cryptojacking came to be, what to watch out for, and how Citrix can help you avoid it like the plague!

Florin Lazurca,
Security at Citrix

Cryptojacking targets both endpoints and servers – both on-premises and in the cloud. The goal is the same: enslave a massive botnet of devices and harness CPU cycles to mine cryptocurrency with minimal cost or investment. I briefly introduced the concept in the previous Digital Vikings blog post and the threat has grown month after month, likely coinciding with the run-up in ... Read More »

Lackadaisical Employee Attitudes to Cyber Security are the Biggest Risks to Enterprises

Ronald Sens, EMEA Director,
A10 Networks

The role of IT in defending against cyberattacks is more difficult than ever. It becomes even more challenging when IT departments are forced to tackle the lack of willingness by employees to take precautionary steps against attacks.   Based on new research involving more than 2,000 business and IT professionals at companies from various industries around the world, A10 AIR ... Read More »

2018 Winter Olympics: Citius, Altius, Fortius, Cyber Attacks?

Bryan Murphy,

Only days into the Winter Olympics and reports of cyber attacks are making headlines. Officials have confirmed that a cyber attack is to blame for an internet and Wi-Fi shutdown during the opening ceremony.   Noncritical systems were impacted – including the official Olympics website, which according to reports, went offline when organizers shut down servers to address the attack. ... Read More »

Windows 10 sees growth in critical vulns

Between 2016 and 2017, there was an increase in the number of critical vulnerabilities reported for Windows 10. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Dark Reading Read More »