Friday , 24 November 2017
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SEC Had Huge Cyber Weaknesses in January

Five critical weaknesses were discovered by the US Dept of Homeland Security as early as January, on SEC’s computers. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Reuters Read More »

Russian linked ads to be Turned over to Congress

Social Media giant, Facebook, will hand over Russian-linked ads to Congress, after coming under increased scrutiny. It is believed the ads were intended to sway the 2016 Presidential Election. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: ZDNet Read More »

1.385 MILLION New Phishing Sites created Monthly!

An average 46,000 phishing sites are created each week; that’s 1.385 million per month. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Help Net Security Read More »

Another Day, Another Data Breach- National Bank of Canada Hit

The National Bank of Canada has become the latest victim of a data breach. The bank said a technical glitch may have exposed the personal info of approx’ 400 customers earlier this week. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: IBT Read More »

New nRansomware demands Nude Pictures, not Bitcoin

A new ransomware, dubbed nRansomware, has been discovered and demands nude photographs of the victim rather than bitcoin.   View Full Story  ORIGINAL STORY: IBT Read More »

Never too early: Synopsys’ BSIMM8 study champions benchmarking in the early stages of Software Security Initiatives

For Synopsys, the trend towards more companies taking software security is nothing but a good thing. Having long championed the importance of integrating security into software, their latest BSIMM (Building security in Maturity Model) report will be an encouragement that the industry is sitting up and paying attention. Synopsys designed the BSIMM model in 2008, as a comprehensive tool for ... Read More »

$300 million: the total cost for TNT after NotPetya

The NotPetya cyber attack has reportedly cost TNT division about $300m (£221m). The company was one of several to have its computer systems severely disrupted by the ransomware outbreak in June. Company executives also acknowledged TNT had yet to fully restore all its IT operations and was expected to do so only at the end of the month. And they ... Read More »

UK councils a top target for cyber attacks

Local government is a high target for cyber criminals after a study revealed that most UK local authorities have suffered cyber attacks in the past year. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Computer Weekly Read More »

Researchers use infrared and malware to control CCTV cameras

Security researchers were able to use infrared (IR) light to control the behavior of security cameras infected with malware, which can work with both professional and home security cameras. The technique was detailed in a research paper published on Monday. The technique is called “aIR-Jumper,” and it will work with both professional and home security cameras, according to press release from Ben-Gurion University ... Read More »

WhatsApp denies British Gov ‘backdoor’ access into encrypted messages

The instant messaging app WhatsApp has reportedly rejected a demand from the British government to create a backdoor into its secure network which would allow UK security services to access messages sent through the service. The reason for encrypted messages is to protect communications between users. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: IB Times UK Read More »