Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Employer is Liable for Data Breach caused by Employee

The High court has found an employer to be liable for actions by an employee, which resulted in data being leaked. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Lexology Read More »

Banks warned of increased digital attacks

Banks and Finacial institutions around the world need to remain vigilant of the increased threat today’s cyber attacks pose with SWIFT, the international bank transfer system, leading the warning call. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Silicon Read More »

Risk of Malware still high in 2018

2018 is predicted to be just as bad in terms of malware related cyber attacks according to the latest McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions Report. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Business Today Read More »

Attacks on Web Apps has increased

The third quarter 2017 State of the Internet Security Report by Akamai Technologies has revealed an increase in web application attacks by 30%. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: RCR Wireless Read More »

Bitcoin Boom Attracts Hackers

The latest rise in Bitcoin popularity has and will attract unwanted attention from cyberattackers warns security industry. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: BBC Read More »

AI technology doesn’t make any assumptions about what ‘bad’ looks like

Discussions around AI cyber defense have traditionally focused on the ability of advanced machine learning to detect the earliest signs of an unfolding attack, including sophisticated, never-seen-before threats. This real-time threat detection overcomes the shortcomings of legacy tools and cuts through the noise in live, complex networks to accurately identify threatening anomalies, including ‘unknown unknowns’.   But while the capability ... Read More »

5 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2018

Ronald Sens, Director EMEA Marketing,
A10 Networks

Just a few years ago, not many predicted cloud computing would reach the heights we’ve seen in 2017 – 79 percent of companies now run workloads in the cloud (split almost evenly between public and private clouds). With the cloud bar constantly being raised, where do we go from here? Here are five predictions for the future of Cloud Computing ... Read More »

Right to be Forgotten: 75% of employees likely to exercise rights under GDPR

New research by data security company, Clearswift, has shown that 75% of employees are likely to exercise their right to be forgotten (RTBF). The principle also known as ‘right to erasure’ dictates that an individual can request their data to be removed or deleted when there is no compelling reason for a business to continue processing that information.   The ... Read More »

Many cyber insurance policies will leave business ransomware victims out of pocket

Businesses are being warned to carefully check their cyber insurance policies and their appropriateness as many do not provide important cover for common attacks, such as the damage to revenue and profits from ransomware attacks. Analysis by Cyber|Decider, the cyber insurance comparison engine that covers policies accounting for 80% of the UK market, found that the variability of policies meant ... Read More »

Positive Technologies analyzes Q3 2017 cyberthreats: cryptocurrency and ICOs in the crosshairs

Experts at Positive Technologies note increased hacker interest in cryptocurrency wallets and initial coin offerings (ICOs), in which ordinary users and major companies alike run the risk of losing millions in just minutes. By attacking the website of an initial coin offering, hackers can replace the address indicated for the ICO wallet with an address controlled by them. As a ... Read More »