Thursday , 21 June 2018
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Android users warned of new highly advanced malware

Android users are being warned about a dangerous virus that combines the worst features of smartphone malware. Dubbed MysteryBot, the malware includes features from bank trojans, keyloggers and ransomware that can attack a device on many different fronts and could be used to steal passwords and banking data. Discovered by security firm Threat Fabric, Mystery Bot is thought to be ... Read More »

US-CERT warns of more North Korean malware

The United States Department of Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) has warned against another malware campaign it says originates from North Korea. In its advisory, US-CERT said the “Typeframe” malware “includes malware descriptions related to HIDDEN COBRA”, the tag applied to a North Korean hacking team which in June 2017 was pinged as attacking “media, aerospace, financial, and critical infrastructure”. The ... Read More »

23,000 Compromised in HealthEquity Data Breach

HealthEquity, which handles more than 3.4 million health savings accounts, was breached when an intruder accessed an employee’s email. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Dark Reading Read More »

New MysteryBot Android Malware Packs a Banking Trojan, Keylogger, and Ransomware

Cybercriminals are currently developing a new strain of malware targeting Android devices which blends the features of a banking trojan, keylogger, and mobile ransomware. Named MysteryBot, this malware strain is still under development, according to security researchers from ThreatFabric, who recently ran across this new threat. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bleeping Computer Read More »

Router malware ‘more capable of damage’ than realized. The fix is also more complicated

For absolutely every place with WiFi, there is a WiFi router transmitting its signal. It’s likely you have one in your home. These routers are where hackers are now attacking, installing malware that can allow crooks to see what you’re doing on the internet and maybe capturing your passwords. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Kutv Read More »

DDoS attack aimed at Mexican opposition presidential candidate website during debate

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the website opposing a Mexican presidential candidate Tuesday during a debate, renewed fears that elections around the globe are vulnerable. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: SC Magazine UK   Read More »

US warns of North Korea cyber campaign, days after historic summit

The US Department of Homeland Security said that it has identified malicious cyber activity by the North Korean government, according to a new report released on Thursday, just days after the historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: CNN Read More »

Are you the biggest threat to your employer?

David Higgins,

David Higgins, Director of Customer Development, EMEA at CyberArk  The trusted insider has always been a security risk – whether an executive with access to sensitive information or an administrator on an enterprise network. But according to a recent report from the Ponemon Institute, in the past two years the insider threat has rocketed for businesses, with the average number ... Read More »

Smartphone phishing campaign via WhatsApp offers sport shoes as “prize”

Since early 2018, some of your WhatsApp contacts may have sent you a very interesting offer for sport shoes: “Adidas is offering 2,500 pairs of shoes to celebrate its 69th anniversary” The message is followed by a link from which to obtain the promised item. Looking closer at the link in the message, there’s no dot above the short vertical ... Read More »

We need to talk about application security

Owen Pendlebury,
OWASP Foundation

Owen Pendlebury, Global Board of Directors at OWASP Foundation     Threats to the application layer is not a new thing, but it has been becoming more and more prevalent over the past number of years. The rise in attacks stems from the increase in high-value data being stored in constantly changing environments. Akamai found the number of application attacks ... Read More »