Friday , 20 April 2018


Lepide Software Auditor Suite (Review)

Verdict: The price of compliance doesn’t get much lower than this. Lepide’s affordable Auditor Suite is a powerful auditing solution that delivers a wealth of information about business-critical systems and apps. Faced with ever stricter data protection regulations, businesses of all sizes must implement IT change management and security auditing to demonstrate compliance and avoid hefty fines. There’s no shortage ... Read More »

FireMon’s Intelligent Security Management (ISM) Platform (Review)

Verdict: Worried about GDPR compliance? Don’t be as FireMon’s Intelligent Security Management (ISM) Platform keeps you ahead of the game with sophisticated firewall monitoring, risk analysis and automated change management IT security professionals already faced with a mountain of data protection regulations will find their jobs are about to get a lot tougher. The EU GDPR (general data protection regulations) ... Read More »

Illumio ASP explained in 12 minutes

Matthew Glenn of Illumio exhibits the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP), talks on adaptive security in general and Illumio’s latest feature: nano-segmentation. @IT_SecGuru Read More »

Product Reviews

Netwrix Auditor 6.5 from Netwrix (REVIEW)     Verdict: A sophisticated and affordable change and configuration auditing solution capable of providing stunning levels of information about all your business critical systems. Change auditing in today’s diverse IT infrastructures is a major challenge but businesses have a clear duty to implement these systems for their own safety and to comply with data ... Read More »