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AlienVault Appoints Marcus Bragg as CRO

AlienVault®, the leading provider of Unified Security Management™ (USM™) and crowdsourced threat intelligence, today announced the appointment of Marcus Bragg as the company’s chief revenue officer (CRO). In this newly created role, Bragg will lead AlienVault’s field operations and oversee all sales, customer support, customer experience and strategic partnership efforts. “Over the past few years, we’ve built a world-class velocity ... Read More »

McDonald’s website insecurity leaves users passwords vulnerable

  McDonald’s has been caught by Dutch security expert Tijme Gommers running an insecure website that could lead to users passwords being stolen.  According to Gommers, by abusing an insecure cryptographic storage vulnerability (link) and a reflected server cross-site-scripting vulnerability (link) it is possible to steal and decrypt the password from a McDonald’s user. Besides that, other personal details like the user’s ... Read More »

Consumers and Retailers, Here is How You Should Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Shoppers across the country are preparing for what was originally a U.S. phenomenon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to research from Adobe, Black Friday has become the UK’s biggest online shopping day of the holiday season, with online revenues predicted to reach £901 million tomorrow. A few years ago holiday shopping mainly involved rushing around Oxford Street and elbowing ... Read More »

Jeep Cherokee once again proven to be as secure as Office of Personnel Management at Black Hat USA

Hacking IoT devices and smart objects is always making headlines. After all, we use these devices to simplify our lives – so having their processes interrupted, hijacked or used against us is a real nightmare. However, hacking a thermostat is one thing; hacking a car is another. At this year’s Black Hat in Las Vegas, experts once again showed that the ... Read More »

50 million iMesh records up for sale on dark web

iMesh, a now defunct service that was once one of the biggest P2P sites in the US, reportedly suffered a data breach in 2013 which has now led to a huge database of 51 million users’ credentials going for sale on the dark web. This is the latest in a string of huge databases coming up online, after the recent ... Read More »

What are the Panama Leaks?

Reports started surfacing this week that one of the world’s largest data leaks, being referred to as the Panama Papers, is shedding light on offshore financing of some of the richest and most powerful people around the globe. The leak, which included over 11.5 million files including emails, invoices and bank records, came from Mossack Fonseca, a law firm in Panama that ... Read More »

Hello from the outside, I hacked your email and stole your photos…

… But it don’t matter. It clearly doesn’t tear you apart… This week has not been easy for our beloved stars, with Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner’s holiday snaps being leaked after a hacker invaded the iCloud account of Harry’s mum and posted the photos on Twitter. (We’ll pause for a while so you can go search for them if you ... Read More »

Leaf it out mate! Nissan car hijacked by security researcher

Troy Hunt has uncovered a flaw within the Nissan Leaf’s companion app that allows hackers to see data about recent journeys and meddle with other aspects of the vehicle such as climate control and battery life. All they need is he vehicle identity number (VIN). Mr. Hunt gave Nissan one month to fix the flaw prior to his unmasking of them ... Read More »

Password Paste Prevention: Security Friend or Foe?

Eric Rand,
Brown Hat Security/AleinVault

By Eric Rand, consultant at Brown Hat Security and guest blogger at AlienVault.   Every few days on ‘Infosec Twitter’, I come across another example of a site that breaks password manager functionality by disabling the ability to paste into the password field. Generally, customer service representatives for those sites will vaguely explain that this is being done for “security reasons” – ... Read More »

Ultrasound Tracking Beacons Making Things Sort of Creepy For Consumers

Eric Rand,
Guest Blogger for AlienVault

Ultrasound is supposed to be our friend. However, the security world was made aware last week of a technology being used by an outfit named “SilverPush” that is utilizing a new and unusual method for tracking mobile phone users with ultrasound signals. The basic story is that the company is embedding a tracking beacon in advertisement audio using ultrasound frequencies ... Read More »