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Zombie Whatsapp Downloaded More than 4 Million Times

A fake version of the popular messaging service Whatsapp was downloaded by victims more than 4 million times. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE:  Efficient Gov Read More »

LokiBot Trojan turns into Ransomware in Removal Process

Researchers have discovered a new Android banking trojan, dubbed LokiBot, which turns itself into ransomware when users’ try to remove it. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bleeping Computer Read More »

Bill Gates switches to Android

Bill Gates has revealed he uses an Android phone. His own Microsoft powered phone has make its mark on consumer markets. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: BBC Read More »

Go Keyboard Secretly Collecting User Data

Android custom keyboard app, Go Keyboard, has been found to be secretly collecting user data, and sending it to remote servers. It has been downloaded by over 400 million users. Read Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: IBTimes Read More »

BankBot is back, and Stealthier than Ever

ESET has discovered that the dangerous Android banking Trojan, dubbed ‘BankBot’, has once again found its way to the Google Play store disguised as the popular game, ‘Jewel Star Classic’. The BankBot Trojan was first spotted at the beginning of this year, and has been evolving since, resurfacing in different versions both on and outside the Google Play store.   ... Read More »

5 Security Updates Made With Android Oreo

There are some things you can count on when it comes to new Android operating systems. First, they’re all named after sweet treats such as Gingerbread and Lollipop. Also, each one includes progressively better security features. Below, we’ll examine five security enhancements associated with Android Oreo. Restrictions on System Alert Windows Android Oreo, like other operating systems before it, includes ... Read More »

Android new malware FakeToken steals user details of cab hailing-apps : Kaspersky

Moscow-based cybersecurity provider, Kaspersky detected an Android Malware FakeToken which is creating a serious security threat to all the users who are registered in Android cab-hailing applications by stealing their information, calls, and texts. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Tech Facts Live Read More »

Android app stores flooded with 1,000 spyware apps

Hackers have flooded Android app stores, including the official Google Play store, with over 1,000 spyware apps, which have the capability to monitor almost every action on an infected device. Dubbed SonicSpy, the malware can silently record calls and audio, take photos, make calls, send text messages to numbers specified by the attackers, and monitor calls logs, contacts, and information ... Read More »

Google Detects Android Spyware in Play Store, Removes It Before It’s Too Late

Android malware reaching the Google Play Store is not really something new, as infected apps are being detected on a regular basis, but search giant Google highlights one particular case that it managed to deal with thanks to the recently-released Google Play Protect security feature. Specifically, Google says it came across a new form of Android spyware called Lipizzan which ... Read More »

Android ‘forensic’ app pulled from Google Play after vulnerability report

If you use an app called eVestigator, billed as checking Android phones for compromise, delete it. That’s the word from someone signing their name as MaXe from InterN0T, who looked at what the Android app does. The app claimed to test Android phones to see if they’ve been compromised, but MaXe found it ran a connect() scan across every available ... Read More »