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How to Protect Yourself or Organization from Malware

Ransomware is one of the most infuriating kinds of cyber attack that’s cropped up over recent years, with hackers raking it in from hapless comouter users who just want their files back. Whilst we all hope for a perfect online community where such things wouldn’t happen, it’s evident that future is a long way away. So the team at AppRiver have ... Read More »

Researcher pops locks on keylogger, finds admin’s email inbox

Trustwave researcher Rodel Mendrez has gained access to the inbox of the criminal behind a commercial keylogger used to attack industries including finance, cloud services, logistics, foreign trade, and government. Mendrez’s reverse engineering effort found credentials buried within the Hawkeye keylogger that lead through redirection to the author’s inbox. Attackers behind Hawkeye were siphoning from compromised machines browser, email, and ... Read More »

Guru Briefing: SentinelOne on Ransomware

News from SentinelOne today has announced a new variation of the CryptXXX Ransomware, which they’ve clocked earning over $50,000 in Bitcoin payouts for its proponents thus far. As with other popular ransomware strains that have been improving with each iteration, the new CryptXXX is unbreakable by decryption tools and has already proven to be very successful in forcing ransom payments. ... Read More »

Botnet-powered account takeover campaign hit unnamed bank

A single attacker has mounted two massive account takeover (ATO) campaigns against a financial institution and an entertainment company earlier this year, and used a gigantic botnet comprised of home routers and other networking products to do it. “ATO attacks (also known as credential stuffing) use previously breached username and password pairs to automate login attempts. This data may have ... Read More »

DDoS attack leaves TeamViewer users in the dark

TeamViewer customers are still unable to access the company’s remote support services 24 hours after the company suffered a DDoS attack. According to IT Pro sources, the service, which allows IT teams to remotely access users’ desktops in order to resolve support issues, is inaccessible to businesses across the UK, Europe and the US. Sources said the company appears to ... Read More »

Chinese bit-squatter information thieves dupe Taiwan Govt site

China-based hackers have been fingered for bit-squatting attacks against Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party, FireEye researchers say. The attackers replicated the DPP website on a malicious domain in a bid to glean information about visitors. The presence of payloads or specific techniques was not detailed in the CNN report. Attacks lasted several days last month and follow the inauguration of President ... Read More »

Installing rogue apps on iOS devices via SandJacking Attack

The security expert Chilik Tamir from Mi3 Security has devised some new attack methods that can be exploited by threat actors to install malicious apps on non-jailbroken iOS devices. Tamir presented his attack methods at the recent Black Hat Asia conference, he explained how to exploit a developer feature, the Xcode 7, recently introduced by Apple to install malware on devices. Among ... Read More »

Malware-laced porn apps behind wave of Android lock screen attacks

Incidents of Android lockscreen malware masquerading as porn apps are a growing concern to security analysts who are forecasting an uptick in attacks. Once infected, Android users bitten by this malware appear to be locked out of their device and are forced to undergo a complex extraction of the app to win back control of their phone or tablet. The ... Read More »

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Botnet

Dave Larson,
Corero Network Security

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll…bring your web application offline! The possibility of a business being targeted by some huge zombie army, or botnet, is enough to send shivers down the spine of many seasoned security veterans. Modern botnets are of vast size and power, with more sophisticated features and capabilities than ever before. Modern botnet attacks can be ... Read More »

Ransomware becomes business staple for online crime

Ransomware has been through a meteoric rise over the past 12 months. Going from a barely known form of malware to one of the most commonly deployed threats around, the criminal world appears to be fully incorporating ransomware into its business model. That’s according to Palo Alto Networks, who’ve released a new report studying this form of attack. Considering 2016 has ... Read More »