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Number of DDoS Attacks Have Doubled in Six Months As Criminals Leverage Unsecured IoT Devices

Organisations experienced an average of 237 DDoS attack attempts per month during Q3 2017 – equivalent to 8 DDoS attack attempts every day – as hackers strive to take their organisations offline or steal sensitive data, according to the latest DDoS Trends and Analysis report from Corero Network Security (LSE: CNS), a leading provider of real-time DDoS defense solutions. The ... Read More »

Predictive Analytics: Fad or the Future of Cyber Security?

Mike Hemes,,
Regional Director, A10 Networks

They’re called superforecaster. A subset of human study volunteers who have an uncanny ability to predict the future better than the general populous. Who are these individuals? According to The Washington Post, the superforecaster term was coined by University of Pennsylvania professor Philip Tetlock. His 20-year study — explained in detail in “Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It? How Can ... Read More »

Positive Technologies Research Shows Increasing Popularity of “Rent-a-Trojan” Attacks

According to Positive Technologies’ statistics, 67 percent of attacks were performed for direct financial gain. Over half of attacks were non-targeted and primarily relied on malware to spread. The epidemic of WannaCry (WanaCypt0r, WCry) ransomware showed that even vigilant users, who don’t open suspicious messages or links, can still fall victim. Intel data indicates that over 530,000 computers were infected. ... Read More »

Fujitsu’s Australian cloud suffers storage crash, outage

Fujitsu Australia has confirmed that its data centre in the Australian suburb of Homebush has experienced an outage.“A storage array in Fujitsu’s Homebush data centre became unavailable at 9.24PM on Saturday night and has affected services to customers,” a spokesperson told The Register. “We are treating this matter as a major incident and we have activated our internal crisis management processes.” ... Read More »

Attackers Use Pulse Wave DDoS to Pin Down Multiple Targets

New findings from Imperva Incapsula research published today, details the emergence of a new DDoS assault pattern, which has been named Pulse Wave.   According to lead researcher Igal Zeifman, “Pulse Wave DDoS represents a new attack methodology, made up of a series of short-lived pulses occurring in clockwork-like succession, which accounts for some of the most ferocious DDoS attacks we mitigated ... Read More »

Attacking critical infrastructure – the evolution of kinetic warfare

Eric O’ Neill,,
National Security Strategist, Carbon Black

I said earlier in 2017 I believed it was quite possible that in 2017 a major cyberattack will occur in either the United States, the United Kingdom, or another friendly country that will require a response equivalent to a kinetic attack. In other words, a cyberattack will occur that will be looked on as an act of war. To date, ... Read More »

How do SMEs fight off cyber-attacks?

Mike Viscuso, CTO,
Carbon Black

In this article I want to address some of the concerns that small and medium sized enterprises may have around cybersecurity, especially in the wake of the WannaCry ransomware attack and a continuous news flow around successful attacks on high profile companies. Does the fact that well-known brands are successfully attacked and breached mean that SMEs are even more at ... Read More »

‘Excellent Job, Thanks’: You May Never Know about the Cybersecurity Incidents Caused by Your Employees

Employees hide IT security incidents in 40 per cent of businesses around the world – that’s according to a new report from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, “Human Factor in IT Security: How Employees are Making Businesses Vulnerable from Within”. With 46 per cent of IT security incidents caused by employees each year, this business vulnerability must be addressed on ... Read More »

Majority of cyber professionals not confident UK government can protect itself from cyberattacks

Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organisations, today announced the results of a survey of 350 information security professionals that found 69 percent are not confident in the ability of the U.K. government to protect itself from cyberattacks in 2017. The survey was conducted June 6-8, 2017, at Infosecurity Europe 2017 ... Read More »

Parliament hit by cyber attack – Cyber Industry reaction

A cyber attack on Westminster has compromised up to 90 parliamentary email accounts officials have confirmed. The incident which took place over the weekend saw hackers launch a sustained and determined attempt to access MPs email accounts by searching for weak passwords. Parliamentary officials were forced to lock MPs out of their email accounts to reduce any potential damage from ... Read More »