Sunday , 21 October 2018
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AppRiver: How sophisticated is ransomware on the Dark Web now?

Join AppRiver’s experts Troy Gill, Fred Touchette and Jon French for another close-up on the findings of their Global Security Report. This week, we’re analysing the ransomware that’s available through the Dark Web. Ransomware has become very sophisticated through the use of different forms of communication, payment and browsing tools that allow criminals to remain off-grid and to carrry on their ... Read More »

Easy Pickings for Phishers – How Susceptible are Workers to Scam e-mails?

PhishMe has teamed up with the University of Cambridge and London School of Economics to compile its 2015 Enterprise Phishing Susceptibility Report, a document analysing employee behaviour pertaining to highly effective phishing scenarios. Looking at over 8 million emails in their research, PhishMe were able to identify which type of attack emails have the highest penetration rates and provide guidance ... Read More »

Talking To The Board: How To Improve Your Board’s Cyber Security Literacy

Boards of Directors have an inescapable legal responsibility to protect their organisation’s assets and shareholder value against risks. Where does cybersecurity fit in the agenda? Many boards lack the knowledge, awareness and confidence to connect security to the business. In this webcast, moderator Paul Edon, Director of Customer Services at Tripwire, will provide a variety of perspectives from experienced professionals ... Read More »

No Warrant Needed for Tracking Mobiles with Stingrays – DHS

In today’s news: Government policy on surveillance has taken a new turn as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced that there are some situations where they do not need a warrant to use cell site simulators – small devices that can identify mobile phone signals and place their general location. These cite simulators, known as stingrays, effectively pretend ... Read More »

Government efforts to access secure communications to fail due to local key storage

Applications will not have to over keys to secure communications, as keys are generated on the device.   Talking to IT Security Guru, Brian Spector, CEO of CertiVox, said that if it is not physically possible to hand over the keys, then it’s not physically possible for Government to demand access to secure communications.   Earlier this week, Prime Minister ... Read More »