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Accenture mid-year Threatscape report identifies five global cybersecurity threats

For immediate release – Organisations and critical infrastructure will likely experience a greater number of, and more-destructive cyberattacks, including physical damage perpetrated by highly funded rogue nation states and cybercriminals looking to disrupt business operations, make money or spy on targets, according to a new report from Accenture (NYSE: ACN). Specifically, the report predicts an escalation of Iran-based cyber-threat activity; ... Read More »

Cybercriminals Targeting Popular Job Recruitment Portals About More Than PII

David Shear & Mike Mimoso,

Job listing and recruitment portals have been an attraction for cybercriminals given the volume of personal information uploaded to those sites in the form of resumes, cover letters and other data specific to individuals.   But there’s more to criminals’ interest than just stealing personally identifiable information. Security shortcomings on some of these sites can expose job applicants, business account ... Read More »

98% of leading apps do not comply with GDPR according to Crownpeak study

Only one in every fifty apps is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) according to a study carried out by Crownpeak, a global leader in digital governance management. In a study of the top 50 Android apps and top 50 Apple apps conducted by Crownpeak in July 1018, 98% did not comply with GDPR. The study found that 79% ... Read More »

Data Privacy is hard, but finding the right DPO is harder

Eric Schrock, CTO,

Data is driving massive innovation and growth in today’s economy, forcing data privacy and security into its rightful place in the spotlight. But data privacy is hard, with only the best leaders capable of navigating its treacherous waters. After Cambridge Analytica and the rollout of GDPR, many of the biggest companies are now scrambling to fill the role of Data ... Read More »

The PGA Possibly Infected With the BitPaymer Ransomware

If corporate America, government entities, and hospitals weren’t enough, now ransomware developers are attacking Golf! According to a report from GolfWeek, computers at the PGA have been infected with ransomware. The victims learned they were infected on Tuesday when ransom notes started appearing on their screen. “Your network has been penetrated,” the ransom note read according to Golfweek’s article. “All files on each ... Read More »

DeepLocker: When malware turns artificial intelligence into a weapon

AI can be used to automatically detect and combat malware — but this does not mean hackers can also use it to their advantage. Cybersecurity, in a world full of networked systems, data collection, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and mobility, has become a race between white hats and threat actors. Traditional cybersecurity solutions, such as bolt-on antivirus software, are ... Read More »

DarkHydrus Relies on Open-Source Tools for Phishing Attacks

A threat actor that is relatively new to the scene relies on open-source tools for spear-phishing attacks designed to steal credentials from government and educational institutions in the Middle East. The group is being tracked as DarkHydrus by researchers at Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, who observed it using Phishery in a recent credential harvesting attack. Previous campaigns utilized Meterpreter, Cobalt Strike, Invoke-Obfuscation, Mimikatz, PowerShellEmpire, and Veil. The typical ... Read More »

Emotet Trojan Uses Complex Modules to Evade Standard Protection

Security researchers have discovered that the Emotet Trojan is still active and becoming more sophisticated and successful in how it spreads through corporate systems. Security researchers from Check Point reported on July 24 that the Emotet Trojan, which was first discovered in 2014, is still active. Unlike other bots and malware that make headlines for a short time before they ... Read More »

‘Hidden Bee’ miner uses malvertising to lure victims

Researchers at Malwarebytes discovered a malware that targets a vulnerability in Flash Player. The attackers resort to malvertising in adult sites to lure victims, whom they suspect are from Asian countries based on the advertisements used, to the exploit kit landing page. Behind the supposedly online dating service is a malicious iframe that spreads the malware. The researchers call the attack as ... Read More »

Over half of UK consumers to activate GDPR rights within a year

The UK consumer response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is shifting. SAS research, GDPR: The right to remain private, reveals that more people are activating their new personal data rights, and faster, than expected. At the same time, the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal has made the majority of consumers either activate their rights, or at least reassess the information they ... Read More »