Tuesday , 21 November 2017
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1/2 of UK SMBs still unfamiliar with GDPR

Latest research has found that 30 per cent of executives at companies with over 1,000 employees have stated they are still not familiar with GDPR   View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: BM Magazine Read More »

Rainbow 6 database game hacked

The Ubisoft tactical FPS Rainbow Six Siege was attacked by hackers over the weekend with their databases being wiped out and held for ransom. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: IB Times UK Read More »

Bring Your Own Device – is it worth it

Is it worth the hassle to bring your own device/equipment to work so that the company need not worry about maintaining the kit? View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Register Read More »

FBI do not have to reveal iphone 5C hacking info

A collective of media agencies have attempted to file a lawsuit in the US to gain information on how the FBI were able to unlock the phone of the San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: ABC Read More »

Etherparty has ICO Website Hacked

Etherparty, a user-friendly smart contract creation tool, has revealed that its ICO website was hacked and the address for sending funds was changed to reroute the money to the cyber attackers. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Finance Magnates Read More »

6.3 Connected Devices, 2.4 People and 0.3 Pets per Home in the New “Household 2.0” Era

The make-up of the modern home is changing, bringing with it a new era of “household 2.0” which, on average, cares for 2.4 people[i], 0.3 pets[ii] and now also 6.3[iii] connected devices per home. With devices playing such a prominent role in today’s average household, Kaspersky Lab has launched updated versions of Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security to ... Read More »

Secure Identity Ledger Corporation Introduces Blockchain Platform for Delivering First-Ever Turnkey Digital ID System

Secure Identity Ledger Corporation (SILC)(sm), the first digital identity platform for industry, government and consumers, today announced in advance of its Token Sale the preview of its blockchain platform and web portal. Blockchain My Secure Ledger will be the entry point for individuals, government and companies to learn how digital ID data can be recorded, managed and distributed in a ... Read More »

New Atos paper outlines major advances in cyber security

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, believes waiting for digital threats to materialise will soon be consigned to history as we enter a new age of predictive cyber security capability able to ward off cyber threats even before they occur.   Digital Vision for Cyber Security offers a range of expert views on the scale of the challenge as ... Read More »

Woefully Inadequate IT Processes for Managing User Accounts and Access Continue to Create Major Security and Compliance Risks, One Identity Survey Reveals

One Identity, a proven leader in helping organizations get identity and access management (IAM) right, today released study results showing significant gaps in how organizations manage accounts used to access IT infrastructure, systems, and data—gaps that could result in major security and compliance deficiencies. The results of the study of more than 900 IT security professionals, conducted by Dimensional Research, ... Read More »

UK Council Struggling to Recover from Ransomware attack

Copeland Borough Council is struggling to recover from a Ransomware attack which hit systems last month. Read Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Register Read More »