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IT teams’ security fears should resonate strongly with the C-suite

Despite recurring headlines reporting high-level cyber attacks on organisations of various sizes, businesses are failing to protect themselves from escalating threats. The latest industry survey by ManageEngine, exploring UK-based IT professionals’ outlook on cyber security and cloud adoption, has revealed startling levels of disregard towards IT security, with almost half of the respondents reporting that they install security updates and ... Read More »

CensorNet research: almost half of UK employees put companies at risk through online activities

CensorNet has announced its research into the application and internet habits of 1000 UK adults, through personal data and insights platform CitizenMe. The survey found that 46 percent were guilty of at least one of the following bad practices, that could potentially put company data or the work network at great risk:   22 percent have shared work documents over chat ... Read More »

Is there a patch for my users?

François Amigorena, CEO,
IS Decisions

Attackers love exploiting the naivety of users because it’s so easy. All it takes is one successful phishing email to persuade just one user to hand over their organizations login details. Once that hacker gains entry to your systems, you’re not going to find out until it’s too late — your anti-virus and perimeter systems aren’t programmed to pick up ... Read More »

New Phishing Attack Will Drain Your Bank Account

Cryptocurrency is one of those things that most of us have heard about and maybe even discussed, even if we don’t truly understand it. But for those who have a good grasp of it, opportunity awaits. Though there is not a centralized bank for cryptocurrency, it is not immune from people trying to rob it. Unlike the bank heists of ... Read More »

‘ZipperDown’ Flaw Might Expose Up To 100 Million Apple iPhones

Apple iPhone users take note: A vulnerability that might affect tens of millions of users leaves devices open to dangerous attacks, China-based researchers have warned. The flaw, dubbed ZipperDown, resides in 15,978 iOS apps that have been downloaded 100 million times, according to famous iPhone jailbreakers Pangu Team. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Forbes Read More »

Tesla confirms autopilot involved in Utah crash but seeks to blame driver

A Tesla car was driving in “autopilot” mode when it crashed into a stopped firetruck in Utah, the company said in a report to police that repeatedly cast blame on the driver, not its semi-autonomous driving system. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Guardian Read More »

Google offers free DDoS protection services in the name of free democracy

Google has rolled out a free DDoS protection platform called Project Shield to protect news sites and free expression to defend the democratic process. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: SC Magazine Read More »

The Satori Botnet Is Mass-Scanning for Exposed Ethereum Mining Rigs

The operators of the Satori botnet are mass-scanning the Internet for exposed Ethereum mining rigs, according to three sources in the infosec community who’ve observed the malicious behavior —SANS ISC, Qihoo 360 Netlab, and GreyNoise Intelligence. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bleeping Computer Read More »

‘Bring your own device’ linked with cybersecurity risk for six in 10 UK SMEs – a week before GDPR

With a week until GDPR hits, new research from Paymentsense  ( reveals a correlation between ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) schemes and increased cybersecurity risk in small businesses. Six in 10 (61%) SMEs have experienced a cybersecurity incident since introducing a BYOD policy, according to the study from the merchant services provider*.   Increasingly popular, BYOD policies see employees using ... Read More »

Beware the Black Axe Gang: Business Email Compromise Campaigns Observed in 2017

Over the past 12 months, CrowdStrike, the leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, has typically observed two different types of Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams: Wire transfer attempts and compromises that have led to follow-on spam campaigns. Regarding fraudulent wire transfers, the criminals typically get caught on the initial attempt, or they get caught on the second attempt, which usually involves ... Read More »