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Cybersecurity strategies neglected in wake of the boardroom’s quest for digital

A new report by Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, Securing the Digital Future, reveals that, in the pursuit of digital transformation, organisations have overlooked one critical factor that could put all their transformation efforts – and even share prices- into jeopardy: cybersecurity. The research, which surveyed over 1,000 senior IT executives in 18 countries, found that only 9% ... Read More »

The cyber intelligence landscape is evolving

Kristofer Mansson, CEO,

Written by Kristofer Mansson, CEO, Silobreaker Driven by digital innovation, business operations have undergone a fundamental transformation over the past decade. And as businesses have moved forward, the fundamentals of cybersecurity have followed behind: What are the weak points in my security strategy? Who are the main threats to my operations? Where am I at risk of compromise? As the ... Read More »

What does a DDoS attack sound like?

Ever wondered what a DDoS attack sounds like? Well now is your chance to find out. In a new blog post, researchers from Imperva showcase of a recent project around the sonification of DDoS attacks. In the project, Imperva researchers turned web traffic into sound and transmitted the whole thing over internet radio, which to their surprise turned out to ... Read More »

Traditional security defences may prove inadequate for effective GDPR strategies, warns Aruba

Companies risk falling foul of incoming GDPR regulations by relying on existing, piecemeal security measures, according to a new whitepaper published today by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.   The majority of existing defences, which use pattern matching techniques to find threats, are unable to detect new attacks that use legitimate user credentials to access sensitive information, meaning that ... Read More »

Take back the initiative on DDoS protection – it’s time to be proactive

Ronald Sens, EMEA Director,
A10 Networks

Since Mirai and its subsequent variants let the genie out of the bottle, DDoS attacks powered by the Internet of Things have become ubiquitous. As more and more IoT devices join the world’s networks – predicted by Gartner to be 24 billion by 2020 – so the potential for cybercriminals to recruit unsecured devices to botnets and wreak havoc through ... Read More »

With Deadline One Month Out, Many US Companies Not Ready for GDPR, CompTIA Survey Reveals

A significant percentage of U.S. companies are uncertain about or unprepared for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that takes effect one month from today, according to a new survey by CompTIA, the world’s leading technology association. “Confusion about the regulations remains a significant problem for many companies,” said Todd Thibodeaux, CompTIA president and CEO. A full 52 ... Read More »

Government of Atlanta spent over $2 million on Ransomware recovery

Atlanta spent more than $2.6 million on recovery efforts stemming from a ransomware attack, which crippled a sizable part of the city’s online services. The city was hit by the notorious SamSam ransomware, which exploits a deserialization vulnerability in Java-based servers. The ransom was set at around $55,000 worth of bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency that in recent weeks has wildy fluctated in price. ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch found with unpatchable exploit

A newly published “exploit chain” for Nvidia Tegra X1-based systems seems to describe an apparently unpatchable method for running arbitrary code on all currently available Nintendo Switch consoles. Hardware hacker Katherine Temkin and the hacking team at ReSwitchedreleased an extensive outline of what they’re calling the Fusée Gelée coldboot vulnerability earlier today, alongside a proof-of-concept payload that can be used on the Switch. ... Read More »

Cyber Worms found in X-ray machines

A newly discovered cybercriminal group is installing custom malware onto the systems of organisations in healthcare and related sectors in order to conduct corporate espionage. These targeted attacks are carried out against a small number of selected organisations as well as the supply chains which serve them, with the tactics and use of custom malware suggesting the attacks are the work ... Read More »

Cyber attacks targeting fictional country ‘Berylia’

NATO and assorted partners have unleashed a massive cyber-attack on the fictional country of Berylia to test their ability to defend critical infrastructure against outside attacks. The virtual country will suffer its virtual attack under NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence’s (CCDCOE) Locked Shields 2018, which CCDCOE described as the world’s “largest and most advanced international live-fire cyber defence ... Read More »