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Nintendo’s SNES Classic Mini is vulnerable to being hacked

The Nintentdo SNES Classic Mini Edition, which is due for release soon, can be hacked, , providing you can get your hands on the retro-remake. Using a program called hakhi2, the NES Classic, which made a splash last year before it sold out at a heady pace, hobby hackers can crack into the systems software via a micro USB connection and load ... Read More »

Vevo has been Hacked

Vevo, the multinational video service, was just hacked. Roughly 3.12TB worth of internal files have been posted online, and a couple of the documents reviewed by Gizmodo appear sensitive. The OurMine hacker squad has claimed responsibility for the breach. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Gizmodo Read More »

Researchers discover Fitbit devices can be hacked

New research has found that the popular Fitbit devices are vulnerable to hackers.  A study looked into how personal information can be stolen from the fitness brands. Computer researchers at the University of Edinburgh intercepted messages from the Fitbit One and Fitbit Flex wristbands, which calculate activity including steps, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep duration. The team accessed personal information from the ... Read More »

Taking the Bait: Can You Resist an Email Phishing Attack?

Email is a major weapon for cybercriminals and anyone wishing to penetrate an organisations cyber defences. Even nations are at risk. Recently a prankster using the moniker “Sinon Reborn” managed to get the UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to respond to an email she believed to be from a new colleague. From a cybersecurity point of view this is deeply ... Read More »

Cyber intelligence sharing overlooked by UK organisations

Anomali, today released the findings of its second annual Ponemon Institute study, revealing that organisations are still not actioning or sharing threat intelligence adequately, leaving them lagging behind cyber attackers. A third (33%) of UK organisations are not sharing information externally at all and 31% have no plans to join an industry sharing group. This is in stark contrast to ... Read More »

Brits Fear Driverless Cars Will Crash

Millions of Brits are opposed to the introduction of driverless cars because they fear they will crash – and could be too easily hacked. Research revealed 44 per cent of motorists are against the space age vehicles hitting the nation’s highways. Almost three-quarters feared a malfunction and a similar amount said they didn’t trust a computer to keep other drivers ... Read More »

Neuro Diversity in the Cyber Security Industry

Webinar: Neuro Diversity in the Cyber Security Industry Date: 6th October 2017 Time: 11:00am Duration: 75 minutes Speakers include: Brian Higgins, Business Development Manager at (ISC)²; Emma Jones, Employment Training and Partnerships Manager at The National Autistic Society; Solomon Gilbert, CEO and Head of Security Division at Ferox Security LTD. Throughout Security Serious Week this year, during the first week ... Read More »

Premium LinkedIn accounts hijacked by Phishers

LinkedIn has bit the target of a new phishing campaign which has spread through users via direct messages and the LinkedIn InMail feature. They are sent from legitimate LinkedIn Premium accounts that have been hijacked by the phishers, thus increasing the likelihood that recipients will trust the message and click on the link. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Helpnetsecurity Read More »

Backdoor located within WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin named Display Widgets has been used to install a backdoor on WordPress sites and has been installed more than 200,000 times. The backdoor  code was found between Display Widgets version 2.6.1 (released June 30) and version 2.6.3 (released September 2). The team has intervened and removed the plugin from the official WordPress Plugins repository. Despite the ... Read More »

US government bans agencies from using Kaspersky Lab security software

Federal agencies have been banned from using Kaspersky Lab security software, a Russian company, by the US government over concerns it may be tied to state-sponsored espionage. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke has issued a directive given at least six federal agencies a timeline to get rid of the software from government networks. The move comes amid parallel investigations by Congress, and the ... Read More »