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Mozilla-endorsed security plug-in accused of tracking users

A security plug-in for the Firefox browser is under fire after users discovered it was collecting and uploading their online activity. The outcry began after Mozilla featured the Web Security extension on its blog with a post titled “Make Your Firefox Browser a Privacy Superpower.” The plug-in, developed by German company Creative Software Solutions, bills itself as a tool for ... Read More »

Chrome Bug Lets Attackers Steal Web Secrets via Audio or Video HTML Tags

Google has patched a vulnerability in the Chrome browser that allows an attacker to retrieve sensitive information from other sites via audio or video HTML tags. Ron Masas, a security researcher with Imperva, discovered and reported this issue —tracked as CVE-2018-6177— to Google. The browser maker fixed the security hole at the end of July with the release of Chrome v68.0.3440.75. View ... Read More »


DESPITE GDPR now being in full effect, new research has revealed how many businesses are still not fully GDPR compliant. A survey of 1,021 UK workers carried out by leading digital marketing agency,, revealed that more than 1 in 3 businesses (37%) confess they are still not following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When quizzed on the ways ... Read More »

Over one third of all phishing attacks target financial sector customers in second quarter of 2018

In the second quarter of 2018, Kaspersky Lab’s anti-phishing technologies prevented over 107 million attempts to visit phishing pages, of which 35.7% were related to financial services and targeting customers through fake banking or payment pages. The IT sector was the second hardest hit, with 13.83 of attacks targeting tech companies, which is 12.28 percentage points more in comparison with ... Read More »

What Harry Potter Teaches us about Constant Vigilance and Insider Threats

Katie Curtin-Mestre, VP Product and Content Marketing,

The character of Mad-Eye Moody in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” preached “constant vigilance” against dark wizards, even as he was a villain in disguise. The real Mad-Eye Moody had been kidnapped and locked in a trunk for an entire year, while an imposter assumed his form and took on his role as the defence against the dark ... Read More »

Hackers Can Turn Body Cameras Into Malware Spewing Machines, Security Expert Says

Once lauded as tools to enhance police accountability, body cameras have been facing increasing scrutiny from privacy advocates, and now one researcher has identified them as cybersecurity time bombs. Speaking to Wired ahead of a Def Con presentation, Josh Mitchell, a consultant at the security firm Nuix, demonstrated that many body cameras are vulnerable to hacking, making several different nightmare scenarios possible: officers ... Read More »

PCs still infected with Andromeda botnet malware, despite takedown

Despite being the subject of an international takedown operation last year, traces of the Andromeda botnet can still be found on many PCs. The Andromeda botnet was associated with 80 different malware families and grew so large that it was at one point infecting a million new machines a month, distributing itself via social media, instant messaging, spam emails, exploit kits, ... Read More »

US voting systems: Full of holes, loaded with pop music, and ‘hacked’ by an 11-year-old

Hackers of all ages have been investigating America’s voting machine tech, and the results weren’t great. For instance, one 11-year-old apparently managed to hack and alter a simulated Secretary of State election results webpage in 10 minutes. The Vote Hacking Village, one of the most packed-out locations at this year’s DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas, saw many of ... Read More »

Cisco patches IOS in response to boffins’ IKE-busting breakthrough

Cisco has pushed out an update for its internetwork operating system (IOS) and IOS XE firmware in advance of a Usenix presentation on circumventing cryptographic key protocol. The networking behemoth is advising all customers running hardware that uses IOS and IOS XE to get the updates that address CVE-2018-0131, a security bypass vulnerability stemming from a weakness in the Internet ... Read More »

25 Android smartphone models contain severe vulnerabilities off the shelf

Mobile device malware may still be far behind when it comes to the prevalence of threats crafted for traditional PC systems, but threat actors are seeking ways to compromise these important devices we use on a daily basis. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: ZDNet Read More »