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Registration now open for the annual IT Security CISO Debates and Conference

The IT Security Guru is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the IT Security CISO Debates and Conference with a comprehensive line up of topics from tackling the skills gap to GDPR, how to prevent a data breach from destroying your reputation and the Internet of Things. The UK’s top CISOs and global IT Security Association Leaders ... Read More »

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer waives 2016 bonus in wake of data breaches

In the wake of the Yahoo attack late last year, where the theft of more than 500 million user account from 2014 was discovered, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has decided to waive her 2016 bonus after an investigation into the attack by the board. Yahoo’s top Lawyer, Ronald S. Bell, has also resigned for his part in the mishandling of ... Read More »

Survey finds a quarter of enterprises experienced a breach in the past year

Developed in conjunction with cybersecurity veteran Byron Acohido, DomainTools’ Cybersecurity Report Card surveyed more than 550 security analysts, IT managers, and executives, and revealed that the majority of organizations are struggling to monitor and prevent cyberattacks on their network. More than one in four organizations have been breached in the past 12 months, while shockingly 23 percent aren’t sure if they ... Read More »

Groupon hacked: Industry reaction

Groupon users have reported that fraudsters gained illegal access to their accounts and placed unauthorised purchases in their names. The hackers allegedly used login details from other data breaches to hack into individual customers’ Groupon accounts. Here is what the industry makes of the data breach: Rob Sobers, director at Varonis: “Today’s news is the result of billions of compromised ... Read More »

AppRiver on the MySpace & LinkedIn Data Breaches

Join the experts from AppRiver as they run thourgh some of the details of the MySpace and LinkedIn breaches of late, which saw millions of account details compromised. Also worth considering is how these braches can impact peoples’ lives, given what we’ve seen in the past with some large-scale breaches. With compromised details, consumers become highly susceptible to fraud and ... Read More »

TalkTalk pays CEO Dido Harding $4.1 million in year firm hit by cyber attack

The chief executive of TalkTalk received 2.8 million pounds ($4.1 million) in pay and share bonuses for the last 12 months, despite the telecoms company suffering a cyber attack in October that put the data of thousands of customers at risk. Dido Harding, who received 550,000 pounds in base pay, said she would donate her 220,000 pound annual cash bonus ... Read More »

Civil Service payroll system to be audited following data breach

The payroll service for about 31,000 civil servants, which has been the subject of multiple complaints and at least two inadvertent data breaches, is being audited by the Data Protection Commissioner. PeoplePoint, part of the Government’s National Shared Services Office (NSSO), was established in 2013 and handles payroll and leave requests from civil servants.   Original Source: Irish Times View the ... Read More »

Employees – the weakest link to commercial security risks

Grahame Smee,

Security breaches have become ever present within our society today, with news of breaches, such as those to baby care retailer Kiddicare and social media giant LinkedIn, gracing the front pages most mornings. With cybercriminals having an increasing presence within our rapidly evolving online society, scenarios such as the above are likely to become a more everyday occurrence unless the right ... Read More »

Hacker Steals 45 Million Records From 1,100 Home, Sports and Tech Support Forums, a company that runs multiple support forums on various topics, has suffered a massive data breach in February 2016 when a hacker managed to steal over 45 million user records from its database. The records, which data breach indexing site LeakedSource has managed to acquire and analyze, contain details from over 1,100 tech support portals VerticalScope is running on ... Read More »

Cybersecurity as an IT problem is a thing of the past

Andy Thomas,
CSID Europe

The last quarter of 2015 witnessed a series of high profile data breaches which may prove to be a tipping point in public attitudes towards data security. The TalkTalk hack, in particular, defines the new risk normal for 21st century business. Estimates put the cost to the company at £60 million and between 100,000 and 250,000 lost customers[1]. By chance, ... Read More »