Sunday , 24 September 2017
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Another Day, Another Data Breach- National Bank of Canada Hit

The National Bank of Canada has become the latest victim of a data breach. The bank said a technical glitch may have exposed the personal info of approx’ 400 customers earlier this week. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: IBT Read More »

Equifax Suffered Breach Months Before Massive Attack

Equifax have reported they suffered another breach in March, months before the huge breach that was reported publicly in September,. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: IB Times Read More »

Equifax Leaders Retire

Equifax’s CIO and CISO are retiring, after the company acknowledged they knew about, and failed to act upon, the vulnerability which led to the huge data breach. View Full Story  Original Source: The Register Read More »

One fifth of large British businesses surveyed have ‘no idea’ whether corporate policies are sufficient to comply with the EU GDPR

Today, new research has revealed that large British businesses are facing three major obstacles to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance: data sprawl, a huge influx of personal customer information and uncertainty around data ownership[1]. In fact, these British businesses appear to be facing an uphill struggle to achieve GDPR compliance, with many left managing end users’ personal data ... Read More »

Protecting data against attacks – cyber and otherwise.

Dirk Paessler,
CEO of Paessler

Passwords are continuously being stolen and sold on the Internet for profit. This is leading to larger and more dangerous attacks, with a range of high-profile companies suffering from data breaches. Experts have estimated that over 300 billion username and password combinations will be at risk of being hacked, stolen and sold on the dark web by 2020. LinkedIn, for ... Read More »

Leaky S3 bucket sloshes deets of thousands with US security clearance

Bunch of resumés citing secret government work exposed View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Register Read More »

Latin American social media giant Taringa hacked; 28M accounts stolen

Another day, another data breach – This time Taringa, a Reddit-like social network website for Latin American users has suffered a massive data breach in which 28 million accounts of registered users have been stolen. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Hack Read Read More »

Police Seize Domain of Online Store That Stole User’s Card Data

According to a statement from the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), its Cyber Crimes Investigation Unit started looking into the website after a user complained of fraudulent purchases appearing in his bank statements in May this year. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bleeping Computer Read More »

UK companies playing Russian roulette with customer data

Today, digital identity and credentials expert Intercede announces the results of research into how UK systems administrators, those who manage the operation of computer systems, or those who hold such assess rights are protecting and securing sensitive data within their organisations. It revealed that 86% of those with systems administrator (sysadmin) level access rights are currently using only basic username and password ... Read More »

‘Very weak’ passwords put NHS hospitals at hacking risk

NHS hospitals are at risk of further devastating cyber attacks because staff are using “very weak” passwords, a new report reveals. Health chiefs warned that one in four official user accounts granting access to sensitive patient data and vital systems are inadequately protected, while many organisations are failing to update their security software. Around 10 per cent of administrator accounts, used ... Read More »