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Forcepoint survey reveals European CISOs face major challenge protecting employees against data breaches and insider threats

Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint™ today unveiled research showing that 35% of employees across the UK, France, Germany and Italy admit to have been involved in a security breach, presenting regional CISOs with a significant challenge when it comes to protecting company data, particularly in light of the forthcoming European General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect in early 2018. ... Read More »

United we stand: fighting data theft with intelligence sharing

Adam Vincent, CEO,

Undoubtedly, today’s borderless networks pose security challenges and provide hackers with greater scope to cause chaos. A data breach in one organisation’s network can provide hackers with an avenue into another, and initiate a chain-reaction of breaches compromising the confidential data of numerous organisations. Though data sharing is actively encouraged, there has not been a big push  to ensure that ... Read More »

63% of enterprises using cloud, big data, IoT and container environments without securing sensitive data

Thales, a leader in critical information systems, cybersecurity and data security, announces the results of its 2017 Thales Data Threat Report, Advanced Technology Edition, issued in conjunction with analyst firm 451 Research. According to the report, 93% of respondents will use sensitive data in an advanced technology (defined as cloud, SaaS, big data, IoT and container) environments this year. A ... Read More »

Expelling the myths of GDPR

Nathaniel Wallis, Security Account Manager,
Axial Systems

For the past few years a regulation has been plaguing the minds of businesses everywhere – EU GDPR. Now almost 3 years later we know what the regulation will be and when it will come into effect (25th may 2018). But still many business heads are left wondering what it really means and how will it affect them and their ... Read More »

33.7 Million Employees In The U.S. – Including Military Personnel – Have Their Data Hacked

The leak of the 52.2 GB corporate database from business services firm Dun & Bradstreet contains millions of people’s names, work email addresses, phone numbers, and the companies they work for along with their job titles, reports ZDNet. Dun & Bradstreet says the firm has not suffered a security breach, meaning the leak could have come from one of its ... Read More »

New research finds UK consumers fear data theft through apps

F5 Networks today released the results of a new study into the UK’s app centric society and consumer behaviours. As the abundance of apps in work and personal life dominates technology usage, the research reveals over a quarter of Brits (26%) do not check app security measures before downloading them, even though almost 30 per cent believe hackers are likely to ... Read More »

Safety of Our Data is ‘Unknown’

Citizens rely on government to keep their data safe, wherever it’s held and whatever technology they use, however, a recent survey into Central Government, Local Authorities and the Blue Light & Justice sector reveals that citizen data is handled precariously with a disturbing lack of confidence in exactly how (or if) it is protected when using cloud models. GovNewsDirect conducted Your ... Read More »

US government joins legal challenge of EU-US data transfers

An Irish High Court judge has granted an unprecedented application by the US government to be joined to a major legal action over whether existing EU-US data transfer channels unlawfully breach the privacy rights of EU citizens. Mr Justice Brian McGovern said he was satisfied that the US government has a “significant and bona fide interest” in the outcome of ... Read More »

Guru Briefing: SentinelOne on Ransomware

News from SentinelOne today has announced a new variation of the CryptXXX Ransomware, which they’ve clocked earning over $50,000 in Bitcoin payouts for its proponents thus far. As with other popular ransomware strains that have been improving with each iteration, the new CryptXXX is unbreakable by decryption tools and has already proven to be very successful in forcing ransom payments. ... Read More »

Isis using Telegram to target US air bases in South Korea, intelligence agency warns

Islamic State (Isis) has set its sights on US air force bases in South Korea, according to the country’s intelligence agency. The extremist group’s hacking arm, the United Cyber Caliphate, has collected information on 77 US and Nato air bases across the globe, including South Korea and is calling for its supporters to attack them. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service ... Read More »