Tuesday , 25 April 2017
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Locky & Zepto Ransomware

The growing threat of ransomware attacks in 2016 raises concerns among businesses and consumers alike (“Locky” and “Zepto” being just two examples). In this short video, Appriver’s experts talk about the data cyber attackers are going after and which can kindly be decrypted and returned to the victim in exchange of a particular sum of money. To get the latest ... Read More »

Growth In Cybercrime And Uptake Of Encryption Services May Save Blackberry

The increase in cybercrime, a growing global phenomenon, is likely to drive an increase in the use of complicated mathematical algorithms to encrypt sensitive data. And that may just about save the Blackberry name from being consigned to the history books. That’s the view of Geoff Green, president and chief executive officer of Myntex Inc. Green says: “The rapid adoption of digital technology and ... Read More »

How to Protect Yourself or Organization from Malware

Ransomware is one of the most infuriating kinds of cyber attack that’s cropped up over recent years, with hackers raking it in from hapless comouter users who just want their files back. Whilst we all hope for a perfect online community where such things wouldn’t happen, it’s evident that future is a long way away. So the team at AppRiver have ... Read More »

Kremlin wants to shoot the Messenger, and WhatsApp to boot

Russian media outlets report that laws mandating encryption backdoors have been tabled in the Duma. If accurate, you could expect an exodus of US services from the country. This Russian-language report, once the Vulture South hack was able to untangle translations like “proposed a fine messenger”, sets down the basics: those providing messaging applications like WhatsApp and Telegram would face ... Read More »

Isis using Telegram to target US air bases in South Korea, intelligence agency warns

Islamic State (Isis) has set its sights on US air force bases in South Korea, according to the country’s intelligence agency. The extremist group’s hacking arm, the United Cyber Caliphate, has collected information on 77 US and Nato air bases across the globe, including South Korea and is calling for its supporters to attack them. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service ... Read More »

RAA Ransomware Composed Entirely of Javascript

We’ve already seen ransomware take on many forms this year, but researchers this week claim they’ve noticed a new strain unlike any they’ve seen prior–a type composed entirely of JavaScript. The ransomware, dubbed RAA by researchers, has been circulating through attachments masquerading as Word .doc files according to Lawrence Abrams, who wrote about the malware late Monday night on his site ... Read More »

Netgear removes crypto keys hard-coded in routers

Qualys security researcher Mandar Jadhav has discovered two serious vulnerabilities in Netgear D6000 and D3600 modem routers, which can be exploited to gain access to the devices and to intercept traffic passing through them. The vulnerabilities reside in the devices’ firmware, versions and The first one (CVE-2015-8288) is due to the firmware containing a hard-coded RSA private key ... Read More »

Facebook to kill native chat, bring opt-in crypto to Messenger

Facebook will shutter its native message facility, forcing users to install the Messenger client which will sport opt-in end-to-end encryption. The change brings the ad-slinger inline with Google’s Allo chat service, which will activate its privacy conscious mode only if users flick a switch. That decision won brought derision from privacy pundits who argue end-to-end encryption should be the default ... Read More »

TrueCrypter ransomware lets you pay with Amazon gift cards

A new form of ransomware known as TrueCrypter has boldly designated Amazon gift cards as a viable option by which victims can pay their ransom fees. Bizarrely, however, victims need pay nothing at all – as simply pressing “Pay” without submitting any payment information results in encrypted files being automatically recovered. First detected by Jakub Kroustek, a reverse engineer and ... Read More »

National Security or Collective Privacy. FBI or Apple. Where Do You Stand?

Brian Spector,

Despite the lengthy legal arguments, we now know that the FBI were able to hack into the San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone without Apple’s help. But that’s not to say the public debates were a waste of time – it was an opportunity for everyone to think clearly about where they stand on matters of privacy and national security. These issues ... Read More »