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Hetzner Hacked

Hetzner, a key data base operated by a large South African data center operator has been hacked, leaving the company to advise clients to change their passwords immediatley. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Tech Central Read More »

Largest cryptocurrency exchange hacked. Over $1 million worth of Bitcoin stolen

Bithumb, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurrency exchanges, has been breached resulting in the loss of more than $1 Million in cryptocurrencies after a number of its user accounts were compromised. We reached out to some of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts for their thoughts on this latest hack. Ben Herzberg, research group manager at Imperva, said ... Read More »

McDonald’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Posts Offensive Tweets Targeting Trump

One of McDonald’s Twitter accounts was compromised on Thursday, resulting in the corporate account sending out a message insulting Donald Trump. Although originally it was believed that an employee simply went rogue, it looks like Twitter notified the company that its account had been compromised. The offensive tweet was deleted, the account secured and an investigation has been launched into the matter. “@realDonaldTrump ... Read More »

33.7 Million Employees In The U.S. – Including Military Personnel – Have Their Data Hacked

The leak of the 52.2 GB corporate database from business services firm Dun & Bradstreet contains millions of people’s names, work email addresses, phone numbers, and the companies they work for along with their job titles, reports ZDNet. Dun & Bradstreet says the firm has not suffered a security breach, meaning the leak could have come from one of its ... Read More »

Cyber defence team raid hacker’s bedroom in competition to find UK’s best cyber security talent

This weekend saw Cyber Security Challenge UK team up with Protection Group International (PGI) to create the ultimate insight into a cyber criminals mind – a life-size recreation of a hacker’s bedroom. This event formed the first in a series of competitions for Cyber Security Challenge UK, which aims to find the UK’s best cyber security talent. Combining the unique ... Read More »

DayZ forums hacked, user info and encrypted passwords stolen

The DayZ development team tweeted on January 23 that its forums had suffered “an outside security breach,” and recommended that users change their passwords, “just in case.” Today it put out a more detailed and dire message, indicating that the situation is rather worse than it first appeared. “A security incident occurred on recently. According to our investigation all ... Read More »

Huge Data Breach from Prison Phone Provider Securus

An anonymous hacker has leaked documents to The Intercept that detail a massive data breach at Securus, a company that provides phones in US prisons. An estimated 70 million phone call records from the last 2 years were accessed. The data was taken from over 37 states, showing how much data was kept by the company. Much of the data ... Read More »

US banks attacked by Heartbleed

April 2014 was a big day for cybersecurity as the world reacted to the discovery of Heartbleed, a flaw in the systems behind secure internet communications. At the time no-one had any idea how great its impact was, or how bad it could get. Investigators say this was the largest theft of consumer data from financial institutions. ‘Victim 2’ – ... Read More »

Ministerial warning of ‘constant and relentless’ cyberattacks against UK Government

Matthew Hancock, UK Cabinet Office Minister, warned of the UK government being under “constant and relentless” sophisticated cyberattacks, citing Sony, TalkTalk and the OPM to prove his point. Talking at IA15, the UK government’s flagship security conference, he said that the ongoing bombardment of UK systems, although it doesn’t make the headlines, is a real and persistent threat. He went ... Read More »

UK parliament’s secure network hit with crypto-ransomware

The Times reported that the UK Parliament’s secure network has been breached, with several computers on it having been compromised by hackers. Chi Onwurah, Labour MP for Newcastle Upon Tyne Central and her employees appear to be the main target of the attack. Ms. Onwurah is the shadow minister for culture and the digital economy, Through delivering and spreading crypto-ransomware, ... Read More »