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Hackers: we will remotely wipe iPhones unless Apple pays ransom

Hackers are threatening to wipe out a large cache of data from 300 Million Apple accounts unless a ransom is paid. Labelling themselves as the ‘Turkish Crime Family’, the group or individual is demanding that £75,000 is to be paid in popular crypto-currency Bitcoin, or £100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards in exchange for deleting the data on the Apple ... Read More »

New Vulnerability Revealed in WhatsApp and Telegram, Allowed Hackers to Gain Complete Control Over User Accounts

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd researchers have revealed a new vulnerability on WhatsApp & Telegram’s online platforms – WhatsApp Web & Telegram Web – two of the world’s most popular messaging services with over 1 Billion and 100 Million monthly users respectively. By simply sending a photo, an attacker could gain control over user’s accounts, access message history, all photos ... Read More »

WhatsApp Security Flaw Exposed Millions Of Users To Hackers

Security experts have discovered a vulnerability in WhatsApp, that could have allowed hackers to take over “hundreds of millions” of users’ accounts and access everything in them.  The flaw was discovered by Check Point and reported to WhatsApp on 7 March. The company has since taken steps to fix the issue.It affected WhatsApp’s online platform, WhatsApp Web, which allows users ... Read More »

Lastline tops Breach Detection Study by NSS Labs

Lastline has been recognized as the top security effectiveness performer in the NSS Labs 2016 Breach Detection Group Test. NSS Labs’ latest Breach Detection Systems (BDS) Test saw seven of the leading BDS vendors were examined for security effectiveness, performance, and total cost of ownership: Check Point, Cisco, FireEye, Fortinet, Lastline, Palo Alto Networks and Trend Micro – with a ... Read More »

Hackers allegedly take over airport screens to blast insults about the South China Sea

Flight information screens at two of Vietnam’s major airports had to go dark last week, afterhackers took over and displayed insulting messages about Vietnam in relation to its territorial claims over the South China Sea, Vietnamese state media reported. Airport authorities had to switch off the screens and sound systems at Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat airports in Hanoi ... Read More »

Osram Smart Light Bulb Security Flaw Could Let Hackers Run Riot

Though we in tech-savvy circles have been talking about the Internet of Things for years now, connected device ecosystems are still a relatively young area, with security standards not universally acknowledged or even set. The Osram Lightify Smart Light Bulb system (seen as an affordable alternative to Philips Hue) is one such range that could potentially fall foul of a ... Read More »

Japan travel agency fears leak of 7.93 million records, passport details

Japan’s largest travel agency JTB Corp says 7.93 million passport details, and home and email addresses may have been stolen by hackers. Executives at the company held a press conference bowing in apology for the feared breach and telling local media it may have stemmed from staffer who opened phishing-borne malware. The company felt the need to point out that ... Read More »

Hackers find a way to send massive messages on Telegram

Security researchers have devised a method to send massive messages on Telegram. The experts have found a flaw that allows them so send messages of any size as showed in the proof-of-concept provided by the researchers. The Iranian researcher Sad Ghaf who discovered the issue explained that it is the result of a coding error. The expert also added that over 20 ... Read More »

Anonymous Hackers Shut Down Bank of England

Hacktivist collective Anonymous has launched cyber-attacks on major financial institutions across the world, including the Bank of England, in order to “start an online revolution.” Hackers claimed to have taken down the Bank of England’s internal email server as part of an operation dubbed ‘OpIcarus.’ was down for part of Friday. Hackers affiliated with Anonymous also claimed to have ... Read More »

Social engineering – the most popular hacking method

Csaba Krasznay,

Csaba Krasznay, Product Manager of Shell Control Box, Balabit ( Hackers may have many challenges, but it seems gaining access to a corporate network using social engineering techniques is not one of them. Social engineering – a technique whereby an individual is tricked into revealing personal or log-in information – is nothing new, but its evolution in recent years is ... Read More »