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Users are aware of app hacking but lack grasp over severity say Promon

A recent survey has revealed that over 25 per cent of British people do not check on the security measures in an app before downloading it, despite the fact that almost 30 per cent believe hackers are likely to use shopping apps such as Amazon or eBay to target their devices. While this demonstrates an increased awareness of the risks ... Read More »

Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents Reinforce Need for SSL Traffic Inspection

Duncan Hughes, Systems Engineering Director, EMEA,
A10 Networks

WikiLeaks this month released thousands of documents containing several hundred million lines of code that it claims shine a light on the solutions and tactics the Central Intelligence Agency used to spy and hack into devices, including smartphones, computers and smart televisions. While there are still questions around the documents’ authenticity, if they are legitimate they show that the C.I.A. ... Read More »

Huge Twitter hacking campaign spreads Nazi swastikas and pro-Erdogan propaganda

A growing number of Twitter accounts including verified big-name brands, from Justin Bieber to Forbes Magazine, have been hacked to display Nazi symbols, a message written in Turkish and two hashtags that translate to “NaziGermany” and “NaziHolland.” Compromised accounts so far include BBC North America, Reuters Japan, Forbes Magazine, Justin Bieber Japan, German newspaper Die Welt and cybersecurity commentator Graham ... Read More »

The NSA zero-day stockpile may only contain ‘dozens’ of vulnerabilities, researcher claims

The US National Security Agency (NSA) spends millions of dollars every year stockpiling zero-day software vulnerabilities so the government can exploit them to conduct surveillance or stealthily hack into computer networks. Yet despite public perception, especially in light of the Edward Snowden disclosures, the investment into his legally murky world may not yield as many computer flaws as many assume. ... Read More »

Oracle MICROS payment terminal biz hacked. Payments worldwide at risk

The systems of the Oracle MICROS payment terminals division have been infected by a malware, systems worldwide are potentially at risk. The hack that I’m going to tell you could have a serious and a huge impact, the systems of the Oracle MICROS payment terminals division have been infected. MICROS is among the top three point-of-sale vendors worldwide, Oracle acquired MICROS ... Read More »

Chinese economic cyber-espionage plummets in U.S.: experts

The Chinese government appears to be abiding by its September pledge to stop supporting the hacking of American trade secrets to help companies there compete, private U.S. security executives and government advisors said on Monday. FireEye Inc, the U.S. network security company best known for fighting sophisticated Chinese hacking, said in a report released late Monday that breaches attributed to ... Read More »

HackFu 2016 – The Cyber Corps Needs You!

MWR InfoSecurity has just confirmed that an extra 100 people will be able to participate in this year’s HackFu 2016 challenge. Players from all walks of life will be able to participate as remote delegates, providing support to those on the ground at HackFu, helping solve puzzles and solve clues to beat the challenges set out by MWR’s tech boffins. ... Read More »

Phineas Fisher’s Account of How He Broke Into Hacking Team Servers

Almost a year after carrying out his attacks, the hacker behind the Hacking Team data breach has published a step-by-step explainer on how he breached the company’s servers and stole all their data. Known as Phineas Fisher (past moniker FinFisher), the hacker posted a PasteBin over the weekend, in which he reveals how the attack unfolded, the tools he used, ... Read More »

1.5M Verizon Enterprise customer records selling on forum after breach

Some 1.5 million Verizon Enterprise customer records have been stolen and are being sold on a criminal hacking forum, according to reports. A trusted seller on a popular but shadowy unnamed criminal forum asked for US$100,000 for the database or US$10,000 for batches of 100,000 records, investigative blogger Brian Krebs reports. Verizon Enterprise counts 99 percent of the Fortune 500 ... Read More »

What are the biggest IT security threats and what may hit us in 2016?

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and collaborative with every coming year. Indeed, incidents such as the recent alleged zero day breach at Lincolnshire Council highlight the impact this can have, as the council was forced to shutdown it’s IT for over four days. Medical records, addresses, dates of birth and bank details were allegedly exposed and a £1m ransom demand ... Read More »