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NHS Bosses Fear Hacking will Harm Patients

A VMalware study of IT decision makers in the NHS revealed 80% were confident that electronic staff records have been compromised. One third believed patients electronic data had also been infiltrated. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Information Age Read More »

FA to beef up cybersecurity if England qualify for Russia World Cup

The FA will strengthen its cybersecurity before the 2018 World Cup amid fears about Russian hackers Fancy Bears and concern that tactical and team selection information could be leaked before games. England are top of Group F and on course to qualify automatically for the tournament which begins on 14 June. The FA is still assessing training bases but wherever the squad ... Read More »

Vietnam Lands in Chinese Hackers’ Sights Again

A hacking campaign is targeting large Vietnamese organizations—and is connected to the same party that previously targeted Vietnam Airlines back in 2016. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Info Security Magazine Read More »

Ariana Grande’s Instagram Account Hacked

This time, hackers managed to take control of Ariana Grande’s Instagram account, and the attackers started posting racist and homophobic messages, while also threatening other American stars to breach their accounts. While no hacking group or individual claimed the attack, the Instagram account is believed to have been breached by a fan of Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner, as reported ... Read More »

WikiLeaks new dump Imperial exposes 3 CIA hacking tools targeting Macs and Linux

WikiLeaks has published three new alleged CIA hacking tools as part of its new Vault 7 dump. The alleged CIA project dubbed “Imperial” includes three hacking tools named Achilles, Aeris and SeaPea that target Mac and Linux operating systems (OS). While Achilles and SeaPea target Mac OS, Aeris targets Linux.According to WikiLeaks’ documents, Achilles allows CIA’s agents to “trojan an OS X disk image (.dmg) ... Read More »

Crooks Reused Passwords on the Dark Web, so Dutch Police Hijacked Their Accounts

Dutch Police are aggressively going after Dark Web vendors using data they collected from the recently seized Hansa Market. Currently, the infosec community and former Hansa vendors themselves have spotted two ways in which Dutch authorities are going after former Hansa vendors. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bleeping Computer Read More »

1 in 4 Voters in the US May Skip 2018 Midterm Elections Over Hacking Fears

Mike Viscuso, CTO,
Carbon Black

United States voters have had no shortage of cybersecurity news related to elections in recent months, ranging from allegations of Russian interference to revelations that specific states were targeted in attack campaigns. Among some of the frequent topics being discussed in the news have been political infighting, conjecture regarding collusion, and questions about what’s being done to prepare for the “next attack.” as ... Read More »

Median Dwell Time for Hackers Drops to 49 Days

The dwell time for hackers inside victim networks fell by nearly half over the past year, although the time from intrusion to containment of such threats remained virtually the same, according to Trustwave.   View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Info Security Magazine Read More »

Is your E-Cig a Security Risk?

News broke last week that E-cigarettes can be used to hack computers! Many E-cigarettes are chargeable via a USB, either by directly plugging the device into the USB port, or through the use of a charging cable- that seems innocent enough, right? Security researchers, however, have now warned that this simple act can actually compromise your computer- with just a ... Read More »

You Can Blame This Guy for the Recent Surge in Android Malware on the Play Store

A recent surge in Android banking malware can be traced back to December 2016, when a malware coder under the name of Maza-in uploaded a tutorial on how to build Android malware on an underground hacking forum named Exploit.in.   View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bleeping Computer Read More »