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Cyber threat on the rise to UK businesses – NCSC and NCA Report

A report looking into cyber threat to UK business warns attacks are “significant and growing.” The report, which was conducted by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), highlighted ransomware as the most common cyber extortion method. Ransomware is a malware that locks a user out of their device after it has covertly installed itself on ... Read More »

Uh-oh! Critical vulnerability in Symantec’s core scan engine – industry reaction

Symantec’s core scan engine has a critical vulnerability which lets attackers remotely execute code on a victim’s machine just by sending them an email or a link. The victim doesn’t even need to open it. It just has to be scanned by the AV program. The scan engine uses a filter driver to intercept I/O operations at the kernel level. In its advisory, Symantec acknowledged the ... Read More »

South American company increases superior threat intelligence and consultancy in Britain

Tempest Security Intelligence , a leading provider of highly specialised information security consulting services to large and medium sized organisations in the public and private sector, has today announced an expanded presence in the United Kingdom. Raising £5.5 million (R$28.2 million), Tempest will be increasing its employees to 160 across its London and Brazilian offices in order to better meet ... Read More »

70 percent of Windows Environments Are at Risk of Malicious Attacks

ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced the results of the global ManageEngine Active Directory and Windows Server Security – Trends and Practices Survey, 2016. Among the critical findings is that 70 percent of IT administrators across the globe say that their Windows environments are at risk of malicious attacks. Over the past few years, the success rate of ... Read More »

Immunising against the spear phishing plague

John Wilson,

Immunising against the spear phishing plague   By John Wilson, Field CTO, Agari Email has become the primary tool of communication for organisations, both within the business and externally with customers and third parties. But with this proliferation, email has also been tirelessly exploited by sophisticated cyber-criminals. With no security authentication built in, there is a fundamental flaw in the ... Read More »

Security Serious Week launches 2016 Unsung Heroes Awards

Eskenzi PR, the consultancy behind Security Serious Week has today announced a brand new awards scheme called the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards  which is now open for entries!    Run for the first time in 2016, the awards are designed to recognise the people, not products, on the front lines of organisations who battle cyber threats, often saving the bacon ... Read More »

What CISOs want in 2016

What CISOs want in 2016 The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has developed rapidly over recent years. Ten years ago, it was rare even to find someone fulfilling the CISO role in an organisation; security was often viewed by senior management as a technical subject best left to the IT department. Not any more. Security has achieved ... Read More »

Holes in Android patching implementation mean app providers need to take charge of security

Despite recent efforts by Google to address Android security vulnerabilities through a series of software patches, mobile handset providers are not demonstrating the urgency required to bring these fixes to all of their users. As a result, app providers themselves need to take the initiative and implement their own measures to keep user data safe. This is according to Norwegian ... Read More »

Blockchain and Risk

Mike Small,

A blockchain is a data structure, originally used by bitcoin, that maintains a growing list of transaction records in a way that is extremely resistant to tampering.  This technology is seen by many as the basis for creating distributed ledgers for a wide range of applications.  But what are the risks associated with the use of this technology? Distributed ledgers ... Read More »

The Blind Spot – getting over the skills shortage

There are a great deal of “cyber” skilled professionals within the industry, as opposed to what is claimed by the world governments. The term “cyber” itself has lead to the discrimination of valuable professionals who do not feature cyber certifications in their CVs, as recruiters operate on the basis of scanning systems that filter out CVs that do not mention ... Read More »