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McDonald’s website insecurity leaves users passwords vulnerable

  McDonald’s has been caught by Dutch security expert Tijme Gommers running an insecure website that could lead to users passwords being stolen.  According to Gommers, by abusing an insecure cryptographic storage vulnerability (link) and a reflected server cross-site-scripting vulnerability (link) it is possible to steal and decrypt the password from a McDonald’s user. Besides that, other personal details like the user’s ... Read More »

Consumers and Retailers, Here is How You Should Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Shoppers across the country are preparing for what was originally a U.S. phenomenon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to research from Adobe, Black Friday has become the UK’s biggest online shopping day of the holiday season, with online revenues predicted to reach £901 million tomorrow. A few years ago holiday shopping mainly involved rushing around Oxford Street and elbowing ... Read More »

Guarding Against Spear Phishing Threats

Chris Stoneff,
Lieberman Software Corporation

Guarding Against Spear Phishing Threats By Chris Stoneff, VP of technical management at Lieberman Software Corporation  In the wake of this year’s devastating data breach at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), calls for heightened IT security at federal government agencies intensified. Blame for the breach points everywhere from Katherine Archuleta, the Director of OPM, down to the agency’s stunning lack ... Read More »

Survey reveals unmanaged credentials are the biggest security issue for organisations and IT professionals are unrealistic about time it takes to identify threats

A new survey from Lieberman Software Corporation has revealed that 83 percent of IT professionals do not believe advanced persistent threats are over-hyped, however they are still very naïve about the length of time it would take to identify an advanced persistent threat on their own corporate network. The study was carried out at Black Hat Conference 2015 and looked at the attitudes of ... Read More »

Almost a third of organisations unable to detect intruders on network

A new survey from Lieberman Software Corporation revealed that 83 percent of IT security professionals are still confident that their perimeter security tools, like firewalls, can react quickly enough to defend against today’s sophisticated cyber attacks. This assumption could ultimately be putting consumer and business data at risk. The study, which was conducted at Microsoft Ignite in May 2015 and ... Read More »

Complex IT Security Products Putting Companies at Risk

Companies are putting their customers’ data at risk because IT teams do not have the expertise or time to deploy today’s complicated IT security products, a new survey from Lieberman Software Corporation revealed. The survey, which was carried out at RSA Conference 2015 and measured the attitudes of nearly 170 IT security professionals, revealed 69 percent of respondents do not ... Read More »

Do Retailers Care About Customers’ Data Security?

Chris Stoneff is Director of Professional Services at Lieberman Software My experience in cyber security tells me that the retail sector probably represents the most fertile ground for cyber criminals. That’s because professional hackers understand that retail has never focused on IT security to the extent seen in other industries (like banks or payment processors) that handle customer payment card ... Read More »