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Malwarebytes Introduces Malwarebytes for Mac to Protect Against Rising Levels of Mac Malware

Malwarebytes™, the leader in advanced malware prevention and remediation solutions, today announced the release of Malwarebytes for Mac, featuring real-time protection to automatically block and remove cyber threats, including malware, adware and potentially unwanted programs. The innovative and fast detection engine has minimal impact on device operations to ensure Mac computers run like they should, and is recommended over traditional ... Read More »

MacOS Is Not As Secure As Many People Believe

Many people think the Mac operating system, MacOS, is more secure than it actually is. This wouldn’t be an issue if those people were all Windows users but many of them own Macs. Thomas Reed, the Director of Mac Offerings at Malwarebytes Labs, has written a useful and informative blog post that provides a balanced view of the strengths and ... Read More »

CVE-2016-4171 – Another Flash Zero-Day exploited in targeted attacks

Once again Adobe Flash Player is the target of hackers in the wild. Adobe has released security updates for several of its products announcing that the fix for a critical Flash Player zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2016-4171) exploited in targeted attacks will only be issued later this week. A security fix for the vulnerability is expected to become available starting from June 16. The ... Read More »

Tor Browser 6.0 released

The Tor Browser lets you use Tor on Windows, OS X, or Linux without needing to install any software. It can run off a USB flash drive, comes with a pre-configured web browser to protect your anonymity, and is portable. Tor Browser 6.0 is now available. Some of the improvements include: Code-signing for OS X systems is introduced. This should ... Read More »

Bug hunter reveals Apple iTunes, Mac app store receipt deceit

Vulnerability Lab founder Benjamin Kunz Mejri says he’s found a security bug in Apple’s Mac and iOS app stores that could be exploited to inject malicious JavaScript code into victims’ web browsers. Mejri reported the “application-side input validation web vulnerability” to Apple in early June, and went public with details of the flaw on Monday this week after conversations with ... Read More »

Security hole in MacKeeper used to shove malware onto Macs

There isn’t a lot of Mac malware. Most cybercrooks, we have to assume, are making so much money from infected Windows computers that they haven’t had to worry about supporting other platforms, such as OS X. View full story Read More »

OPSWAT report reveals that the majority of Mac devices still remain unprotected

OPSWAT, a software company that provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure, has just released its latest market share report, which includes market share for peer-to-peer file sharing products as well as detailed comparisons between Mac and Windows devices. The research specifically looked at the use of file sharing, antivirus software and RTP (Real Time Protection) between both Windows and Mac users. For ... Read More »

Fake Tech Support Scam Targets Macs

The phony tech support scam is an all-too-common danger of surfing around in cyberspace. But, they mainly target PCs. Now, a new iteration on the form has cropped up to menace Mac users—with a malvertising-driven attack vector. Blue Coat researcher Chris Larsen has found three scam domains (, and, which, when visited, offer pop-up warnings about “dangerous viruses,” ... Read More »

Pop-up pest MacKeeper patches 0-day remote code execution vulnerability

A notorious piece of Mac maintenance software been found to have a critical remote code execution vulnerability. MacKeeper is infamous for its “clean up your Mac”-style popups, complete with designed-to-be-confusing “Leave Page/Stay on This Page” dialogues if you try to close the ad. View full story Read More »

Bitcoin-stealing Mac malware spread disguised as cracked versions of Angry Birds

ESET is warning Mac users not to download pirated software from file-sharing peer-to-peer networks, as ESET researchers have discovered Bitcoin-stealing malware being spread via cracked apps. The malware, OSX/CoinThief , was first discovered earlier this month and was found to steal login credentials related to various Bitcoin-related exchanges and wallet sites via malicious browser add-ons. CoinThief was first spotted earlier ... Read More »