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Why business risk intelligence comes before digital risk monitoring

Josh Lefkowitz, CEO,

Everyone remembers the social media boom of the mid-2000s. While social networks such as MySpace and Friendster already existed and had fledgling ad revenue models, it wasn’t until the emergence of Twitter, Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed, and the development of tools such as HubSpot and HootSuite that businesses began to take social media seriously as a digital channel. Then, as ... Read More »

New survey shows 78% of eCommerce websites at risk

Security scans performed on 60,000 Magento websites, the most popular e-commerce platform, show that 78% are missing critical security patches, while 5% are confirmed to have payment card data harvesting malware stealing their customer details. The scans were carried out, in the last week, using Foregenix’s free online scanner, WebScan. The findings follow a number of high profile breaches of ... Read More »

IT Pros Don’t Change Their Passwords – Oh, the Irony

You are probably sick and tired of your IT team banging on about changing your passwords regularly, but there is no one to chase the IT team to change their own privileged passwords (admin, root and such). We assume they follow their own advice but ironically, the majority (55%) of IT professionals make end users change their passwords more often than ... Read More »

Blockchain and Risk

Mike Small,

A blockchain is a data structure, originally used by bitcoin, that maintains a growing list of transaction records in a way that is extremely resistant to tampering.  This technology is seen by many as the basis for creating distributed ledgers for a wide range of applications.  But what are the risks associated with the use of this technology? Distributed ledgers ... Read More »

Bitcoin startup Coinkite closes wallet service due to “BS” of DDoS attacks, dealing with lawyers

It would appear that much of Coinkite’s decision to get out of the online Bitcoin wallet business was due to the company constantly dealing with harassment, with a blog post announcing the move describing that they had been under constant Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks over the last three years, and that they had also had to deal with ... Read More »

Clark County water district hit with cyber attack

The Clark County Water Reclamation District has been hit with a cyber-attack but officials say operations haven’t been disrupted and no customer or employee information was hacked. The agency said in a statement Monday that its computer system was attacked late Friday night. Computers were shut down as a precaution but operations at all seven treatment facilities and customer service ... Read More »

Security Professionals Sick of Stupid Users, Bromium Finds

Bromium, the micro-virtualisation specialists from California, have just released the results of a survey conducted at RSA 2016 with some surprising results. Users take note! Asking 100 security professionals whether users were causing them the most headaches in their work, 70% of respondents replied “yes” – a pretty conclusive answer. What’s more Bromium have completed similar surveys in previous year ... Read More »

79% of organisations completely mystified by user identities

Capgemini and RSA have teamed up on research into the abilities of organisations in secureing online identities and the results are, well….not good. Actually, pretty bad. After surveying over 800 C-level staff in the US, UK, Germany, France, Benelux and the Nordics, it turns out only one in five (21%) organisations are equipped to securely manage user identities. There were some ... Read More »

Would you swap your personal details for an iPhone 6s?

The results are in from a survey carried out by GBG, a global identity data intelligence specialist, with some surprising results. Almost 1 in 4 uk consumers, when asked to value their personal identity, put it at £500 or less – that’s £39 less than the cost of a new iPhone 6s. There were differences across age groups, with over a third ... Read More »

US government’s $6bn super firewall doesn’t even monitor web traffic

The US government’s firewall, named Einstein, is not as smart as its name would suggest. A report [PDF] by the General Accounting Office (GAO) into the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS) has concluded that it is only “partially meeting its stated system objectives.” Which is a polite way of saying it sucks. Among the extraordinary pieces of information to emerge ... Read More »