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India and Pakistan hit with data-stealing spy malware in suspected state-sponsored attacks

A suspected state-sponsored cyberespionage campaign, dating back to October 2016, targeting Indian and Pakistan entities, has reportedly been detected by security experts. Although the identity and motive of the hackers remain a mystery the malware poses a risk to South Asian governments and militaries, Reuters reported, citing security researchers at Symantec that identified the campaign. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: ... Read More »

Trump cybersecurity advisors resign, painting bleak picture of US cyber preparedness

Several members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council resigned last week, and that should make us all concerned for the state of US cyber attack preparedness. An unsigned resignation letter obtained by Nextgov gives several reasons for the resignation, including the Trump administration’s lack of attentiveness to critical infrastructure and President Trump’s recent comments in the wake of unrest in ... Read More »

The rise of the chatbot – addressing security concerns

David Higgins, Director, Strategic Accounts,

Propelled by recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses are embracing chatbots as an efficient way to engage customers, as well as save time and money by automating certain functions. In a business world in which customer service, especially timely and relevant communication, is the most important factor to success, chatbots can be instrumental in getting ahead of ... Read More »

VMware Transforms Security for Applications Running on VMware vSphere®-Based Virtualized and Cloud Environments

At VMworld® 2017, VMware, Inc. announced its breakthrough solution for securing applications running on virtualized or cloud environments – VMware AppDefenseTM. This new security solution leverages the virtual infrastructure to monitor running applications against their intended state, and can detect and automate response to attacks that attempt to manipulate those applications. Additionally, integrations with third-party solutions will enable a partner ecosystem ... Read More »

The good shepherd model for cybersecurity

Stuart Clarke, CTO Cybersecurity,

In 2017 nearly all organisations are storing or processing their customers’ private information electronically to an extent. Organisations that store customers’ private information have a duty of care to protect that data. Credit card numbers and other personal details fetch a high price on the black market and, unfortunately, organisations do a very poor job of keeping them out of ... Read More »

Fingerprint and facial recognition security vulnerabilities demonstrate the need for a different approach

Aspect Software argues for a more nuanced and holistic approach to customer security in light of investigation into the vulnerability of fingerprint and facial security A Daily Mail investigation into the strength of various technologically driven alternatives to the basic password has revealed the ease with which malignant actors can bypass these systems. According to Aspect Software, this affirms the ... Read More »

Almost Half of Security Professionals See Customer-Facing Web Applications as Biggest Security Challenge, Survey Shows

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) today announced the results of a survey of 270 IT security professionals, which found that almost half (48 percent) viewed customer-facing web applications as the area presenting the most security risk to businesses. This is in contrast to 23 percent who identified mobile applications and 18 percent who suggested desktop applications presented the biggest risk. To view ... Read More »

Spam email remains a potent threat tool for hackers

Online criminals are keeping the faith with, with more and more nuisance messages being sent today than ever before. Figures from IBM have shown that spam email remains a key tool for hackers, with the volume of such messages increasing 400 per cent in the past year. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: ITProPortal Read More »

Expert of Malware Blow the Whistle on Russian Hacking

A Ukrainian author of malware who built the PAS Web shell- a PHP based imbed used to remotely execute commands on hacked systems – has turned himself in to Ukrainian authorities. He has been cooperating with the probe by Federal Bureau of Investigation into the seeming Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: SpamFighter Read More »

Ad Trackers on E-Commerce Sites Can Unmask Bitcoin Transactions

Research published last week reveals that cookies and other data collected by ad trackers on e-commerce sites can be used to de-anonymize Bitcoin transactions. The idea is that despite how careful users are to hide their identity behind a random Bitcoin address when purchasing products, the same assumption of privacy and anonymity cannot be expected from the online platform where ... Read More »