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Duqu 2.0 Espionage Malware Discovered

Kaspersky Lab says it has discovered a new, advanced persistent threat that appears to have been launched by the gang behind Stuxnet and Duqu malware families. But while security vendors typically unearth intrusions in their customers’ networks, in this case Kaspersky’s own networks also fell victim to the attack campaign, thanks in part to attackers employing a zero-day Window exploit. ... Read More »

Risk Analysis: How To

Risk Analysis: How To By: Dawid Czagan The goal of risk management is to deliver optimal security at a reasonable cost. This article introduces quantitative risk analysis. It also describes cost/benefit analysis, risk handling, and types of countermeasures. CIA Triad Risk is related with vulnerabilities, which threaten confidentiality (C), integrity (I), and availability (A) of the assets. This is described ... Read More »

US government switches to HTTPS for all federal websites

The US government is publicly backing HTTPS across its websites and promising to make communications more secure and solid. The White House said the move will have encryption benefits and make it safer for anyone who deals with the government via the internet. View full story Read More »

Potential Apple Pay security weakness revealed

The personal banking details of Apple Pay users could be compromised by fraudsters using equipment that is easy to get hold of and costs less than £65. The potential social engineering attack was created in a lab by security supplier Wandera, which revealed the method that enables hackers to create a fake page that pops up on a user’s phone ... Read More »

Windows 10: More security with non-stop patching

Microsoft is ready to abandon the longstanding patching schedule that saw patches and security updates being delivered on the second Tuesday of every month. With the advent of Windows 10, security updates and other software innovations will be pushed to PCs, tablets and phones as soon as they are ready. View full story   Read More »

One quarter PCs in the UK are infected with malware

PandaLabs today published its Quarterly Report for Q1 2015, analysing the IT security events and incidents from January through to March. The global security vendor detected over 225,000 new malware strains per day in the first quarter of the year, with peaks reaching 500,000. View full story Read More »

Information Commissioner’s Office Needs Greater Powers to Deal with True Scale of Data Breaches, Research Shows

Breaches of the Data Protection Act reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office are only a tiny fraction of the true number of such incidents happening across the UK, according to a series of Freedom of Information requests from security and communications specialist ViaSat UK. While 1,089 breaches were reported to the ICO between March 2014 and March 2015 (1), police ... Read More »

Complex IT Security Products Putting Companies at Risk

Companies are putting their customers’ data at risk because IT teams do not have the expertise or time to deploy today’s complicated IT security products, a new survey from Lieberman Software Corporation revealed. The survey, which was carried out at RSA Conference 2015 and measured the attitudes of nearly 170 IT security professionals, revealed 69 percent of respondents do not ... Read More »

ICO Figures Show Retail Sector Consistently Fails to Protect Customer Data

Auriga Consulting Ltd (Auriga), the expert data, ICT and security consultancy, today revealed that more than 500 complaints and concerns were raised over potential data breaches in the retail sector over the course of the past year. Of these, 312 cases classified as generic breaches of which 156 were classed as breaches of the Data Protection Act (DPA) (from April ... Read More »

20% of IT professionals have witnessed a security breach cover-up

Research conducted by AlienVault has shown that 20% of IT security professionals have witnessed a breach being hidden or covered up. The survey also found that in the event of a breach, only 25% of professionals would see the best course of action as telling the regulator and paying the fine. “Information security is still a comparatively immature industry,” argues ... Read More »