Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Vectra 2018 Cyber Security predictions

Oliver Tavakoli, Chief Technology Officer,

  Ransomware attack trends will split based on motives   Ransomware as a disruptive or destructive attack will increase. Cyber warcraft is the new oil – in essence, total control of corporate networks or industrial plants have become as valuable as energy resources and motivate nation states. However, we will see a decrease in ransomware purely for financial gain as ... Read More »

Cybersecurity wages rise

Due to the current cybersecurity skills shortage, the average wage for a cybersecurity worker has increased by 10.5%. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: TEISS Read More »

Iphone X Face ID security broken already

It has taken long for security researchers to break the new Face ID for Iphone X. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Metro Read More »

WARNING: WW3 could start next year!

A retired US war general has claimed that there is a 51 percent chance of a war involving North Korea breaking out before next summer. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Express Read More »

Antivirus software distributing Malware

Security researchers have discovered that an antivirus software is being exploited by malware which allows a user to move a piece of malware from the quarantined folder to somewhere else on the victim’s computer, allowing the malware to be executed.  View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Digital Trends Read More »

Is your CCTV system GDPR compliant?

Organisations are putting themselves at risk of breaching the GDPR because they’re failing to realise that the new regulations cover their CCTV systems and the visual data they collect. These are the words of Andrew Charlesworth, Reader in IT Law at the University of Bristol, and come just over six months until the GDPR becomes law1.   In a white ... Read More »

Game over: most women have decided against a career in cybersecurity before they’re 16

By the time they are 15¾, most young women in Europe, Israel, and the US have already decided against a career in cybersecurity.[1] This, according to a new study by Kaspersky Lab, is a major contributing factor to the industry’s continued struggle to attract female recruits, as it attempts to both narrow the gender gap in IT security and also ... Read More »

UK Infrastructure: Digital growth opportunities could stall without greater appetite for risk

A new report by design, engineering and project management consultancy, Atkins, has found that a risk adverse culture within the infrastructure sector and a lack of certainty about which new technologies to invest in could cost the UK millions of pounds in efficiency savings and restrict the ability of its businesses to capitalise on the global digital revolution. Atkins became ... Read More »

The Rise of IoT will increase security threats to healthcare industry

Those in the healthcare and life sciences industries should be wary of the security risks associated with connected IoT technologies as they begin to integrate them across their systems according to Unisys. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Help Net Security Read More »

Fancy Bear found distributing malware again

The Russian linked hacking group Fancy Bear has been discovered in delivering malware to targeted users by exposing a recently disclosed technique that involves Microsoft Windows feature Dynamic Data Exchange. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Security Week Read More »