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EMEA in Firing Line for Evolving DDoS Threats

F5 Labs today released new figures highlighting how DDoS attacks continue to grow and evolve in EMEA. According to customer data from F5’s Poland-based Security Operations Center (SOC), 2017 saw a 64% rise in mitigated incidents. EMEA is also firmly in the firing line, accounting for over 51% of reported global DDoS attacks.   Reflecting the spike in activity, F5 ... Read More »

Risky business: The dangerous online behaviours putting corporate data at risk

Alvaro Hoyos, Chief Information Security Officer,

Be honest, have you ever indulged in adult content in the office? No? Well look around you, because recent statistics prove that at least two in five workplaces are witnessing their employees doing exactly that. Gone are the days when an employee’s occasional procrastination simply amounted to twiddling their thumbs and staring blankly out the window. Now our instant access ... Read More »

Is Investing in Cryptocurrency Worth the Security Threats?

Even people who aren’t familiar with investing have heard of cryptocurrency — especially lately since it has frequently made headlines. Some of those news stories about digital currencies focus on the rapid rises — and seemingly inevitable declines — of Bitcoin, one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies. Others discuss how people had relatively stable lifestyles but lost most of what ... Read More »

Have we got a training and safety programme in place?- A key question today’s CEOs should ask

Rick McElroy, Security Strategist,
Carbon Black

I have recently been writing a series of articles that tackle the various questions CEOs should be asking their teams when it comes to cybersecurity prevention. Previously I’ve written about how organisations are managing risks, the evolution of the budget and understanding the top five risks or high-risk areas within the business. In this article I am going to address ... Read More »

IT Security Professionals Seek a Better Way to Exchange and Consume Cyber Threat Intelligence, According to Third Annual Infoblox Report

Infoblox Inc., the network control company, today released the results of its third annual study on the state of threat intelligence exchange conducted by the Ponemon Institute. The report titled “Exchanging Cyber Threat Intelligence: There Has to Be a Better Way,” found that while security professionals are increasingly recognizing the importance of threat intelligence, the majority remain dissatisfied with its ... Read More »

Cryptocurrency Marketplaces Hit by a Spectrum of Attacks Amidst Major Shifts in Cybercrime, Reveals New ThreatMetrix Report

ThreatMetrix®, The Digital Identity Company®, today revealed a 113 percent year-over-year increase in cyberattacks in Q4 2017, as both the volume and the nature of attacks transform. The Battle for a Safe Cryptocurrency Market The Q4 2017 Cybercrime Report reveals that cryptocurrency marketplaces, designed to facilitate trading on the full range of digital currencies, are experiencing a range of fraudulent ... Read More »

You can still be tracked even with the GPS off!

Researchers at IEEE have shown it is possible to track mobiles even when GPS and Wi-Fi are turned off, with some of the data collected without permission with smartphone manufactures deeming the information non-sensitive. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Register Read More »

Zero-Day Attack Deployed by N.Korean APT Group

Zero-Day deployment by North Korean hacking groups is uncommon which is why the Adobe Flash Player Zero-Day exploit that was discovered last week was out of character. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Dark Reading Read More »

Cyber Warning issued at 2018 Winter Olympics

A report by McAfee has revealed that the Winter Olympics has seen a rise in the number of Games-related malicious scams aimed at tricking web users into handing over details. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Express Read More »

Accidental DDoS just as dangerous

A developer error resulted in a DDoS attack that was created out of the Lethic spambot which directed junk traffic requests to non-existent domains. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: CSO Online Read More »