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Why Health Care Gets Such Flak for Its Cybersecurity

The health care industry is consistently under attack thanks to cybercriminals who eagerly attempt to snatch valuable data, costing organizations substantial financial and reputational damage. People often weigh in and wonder why the overall industry can’t sufficiently beef up its cybersecurity strategies. However, the headlines they see that alert the public about breaches and other issues don’t tell the whole ... Read More »

Fortinet Threat Landscape Report Reveals an Evolution of Malware to Exploit Cryptocurrencies

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, today announced the findings of its latest Global Threat Landscape Report. The research reveals cybercriminals are evolving their attack methods to increase their success rates and speed infections. While ransomware continues to impact organizations in destructive ways, there are indications that some cybercriminals now prefer hijacking systems and ... Read More »

10 Reasons not to Innovate your Cybersecurity

Dan Panesar, VP EMEA,
Certes Networks

You’ve never been hacked before, and you’re confident you know where you critical or sensitive data is at all times. Why change something that’s working today? No business can ever be 100% sure where its data is or that it hasn’t been compromised in transit. Failure to recognise this issue is a board-level responsibility. You tick the boxes when it ... Read More »

EfficientIP DNS Threat Report reveals the cost per attack has increased by 57% to $715,000 for organizations globally

EfficientIP, a leading specialist in DNS security to ensure service continuity, user protection and data confidentiality, today announced the results of its 2018 Global DNS Threat Report. It explored the technical causes and behavioral responses towards DNS-based threats and their potential effects on businesses across the world. Over the past year, organizations on average faced seven DNS attacks, which cost ... Read More »

25% of Businesses Targeted with Cryptojacking in the Cloud

New public cloud security report detects a spike in cryptojacking, mismanaged cloud storage, account takeover, and major patches getting overlooked. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Dark Reading Read More »

Twitter announces global change to algorithm in effort to tackle harassment

Twitter is announcing a global change to its ranking algorithm this week, its first step toward improving the “health” of online conversations since it launched a renewed effort to address rampant trolling, harassment and abuse in March. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Guardian Read More »

Keyless cars causing dozens of deaths

Dozens of people have been poisoned by carbon monoxide after failing to turn off the ignition on keyless cars, according to the New York Times. Its report found that 28 people had died and 45 others had suffered injuries since 2006. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: BBC Read More »

Google Fixes Issue That Broke Millions of Web-Based Games in Chrome

Google released yesterday a Chrome update that temporarily fixed a bug that broke millions of web-based games, some of which couldn’t play audio at all, despite whatever tricks and configs users tried. The bug was introduced in mid-April when Google launched Chrome 66. One of this release’s features was its ability to block web pages with auto-playing audio. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bleeping Computer Read More »

Russia Troll Farm Hijacked American Teen Girls’ Computers for Likes

Online propaganda was phase one. Then came hijacking computers. The Kremlin-linked Russian troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency took an ominous detour into malware distribution in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign, targeting teenage girls in the U.S. with a Chrome plug-in that pulled their browsers into a crude botnet, according to an analysis by The Daily Beast and ... Read More »

Facebook purges 200 rogue apps as data scandal grows

Facebook is suspending about 200 apps that it believes may have misused data. The social media giant said in a blog post Monday that the suspensions resulted from its investigation into all apps that had access to large amounts of information before Facebook changed its platform policies in 2014. Those changes, according to Facebook, significantly reduced the amount of data ... Read More »