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StrongPity2 Replaces FinFisher

A new spyware, dubbed StrongPity2, has replaced FinFisher, according to ESET researcher Tomas Kafka. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: IBTimes Read More »

Kaspersky Lab discovers Adobe Flash Zero Day – used in the wild by a threat actor to deliver spyware

Kaspersky Lab’s advanced exploit prevention system has identified a new Adobe Flash zero day exploit, used in an attack on 10 October by a threat actor known as BlackOasis. The exploit is delivered through a Microsoft Word document and deploys the FinSpy commercial malware. Kaspersky Lab has reported the vulnerability to Adobe, which has issued an advisory. According to Kaspersky ... Read More »

New spyware detected targeting firms in Russia, China: Symantec

A previously unknown hacking group variously dubbed “Strider” or “ProjectSauron” has carried out cyber-espionage attacks against select targets in Russia, China, Iran, Sweden, Belgium and Rwanda, security researchers said on Monday. The group, which has been active since at least 2011 and could have links to a national intelligence agency, uses Remsec, an advanced piece of hidden malware, Symantec researchers ... Read More »

Intel Security warns of hardware hacks and cyber-espionage in 2016

Intel® Security today released its McAfee Labs Threats Predictions Report, which predicts key developments on the cyber threat landscape in 2016, and provides unique insights into the expected nature of that landscape through 2020, as well as the IT security industry’s likely response. Reflecting the informed opinions of 33 of Intel Security’s thought leaders, the report examines current trends in ... Read More »

Majority of Play Store Apps Vulnerable to Reverse Engineering

News emerged today that most apps in the Google Play Store can be reversed engineered and then have malicious code added to them. Hackers are then able to use the popularity of apps to spread their malware. Mobile security developer SEWORKS recently conducted a market analysis which highlighted the risk within the store. Among the findings, they found 85% of ... Read More »

Forbes and Serving up Adware

Malvertising is making the headlines once more, this time with popular websites and serving up malicious malware. FireEye researchers have reported that eight Forbes URLs attached to news stories between 2012 and 2015 were included in the attack, whilst Malware bytes is reporting that people browsing website over the last few days may have been exposed to ... Read More »

WikiLeaks reports Cyber-Espionage in Japan

WikiLeaks reveals documents showing alleged cyber-espionage operations of the NSA in Japan. @IT_SecGuru Read More »

Secret NSA map shows Chinese cyber-espionage targets in US

A secret National Security Agency (NSA) map shows the location of “Victims of Chinese Cyber-Espionage” attacks launched by China against the US over a five-year period, according to NBC News. Red dots mark successful attempts to steal data about American critical infrastructure from public and private sector firms. China was able to steal information including pharmaceutical product formulas, hybrid-car specifications, military intelligence and more. More ... Read More »

German spy leaks website Netzpolitik being investigated

Germany’s federal prosecutors are investigating whether a website has committed treason. reported on plans to expand the country’s domestic surveillance of online communications earlier in the year. The site says it has received a letter from prosecutors announcing the probe against two of its journalists as well as an unidentified source. The stories were published in February and April. ... Read More »

U.S. Fears Data Stolen by Chinese Hacker Could Identify Spies

American officials are concerned that the Chinese government could use the stolen records of millions of federal workers and contractors to piece together the identities of intelligence officers secretly posted in China over the years. The potential exposure of the intelligence officers could prevent a large cadre of American spies from ever being posted abroad again, current and former intelligence ... Read More »