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Europe’s Hacktivists Set Sights on Political Entities

Roman Sannikov,,
Director of European Research and Analysis, Flashpoint

By Roman Sannikov, Director of European Research and Analysis, Flashpoint   The tumultuous state of global politics that defined 2017 continues to shape the motivations and schemes of a wide range of adversaries. In October, CNBC reported two Czech election websites were hacked and that, after Catalonia’s independence referendum was ruled illegal, the website for Spain’s Constitutional Court was taken ... Read More »

Positive Technologies detected vulnerabilities in a popular network control software

The Positive Technologies experts discovered vulnerabilities in WhatsUp Gold by Ipswitch. This software allows automatic detection of network resources and their interaction, defining network status and availability, and for managing configuration. “Use of the vulnerable version of WhatsUp Gold in a manufacturing company may cause cyberincidents and even disrupt the technological process,” says Head of ICS Security at Positive Technologies ... Read More »

Tomorrow’s cyber elite return to University of Cambridge for Inter-ACE cyber security challenge

Over 130 competitors from 18 of the UK’s leading cyber security universities will pit their skills against one another in a two-day cyber security competition organised by the University of Cambridge. Now in its third year, the Inter-ACE is supported by GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre to attract the best young minds into careers in the sector. Up for grabs ... Read More »

Hackers make $3m targeting Jenkins servers

Hackers are targeting Jenkins CI servers, the popular open source automation server written in Java, to deploy malware and secretly mine millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: IB Times Read More »

Savers Lose Millions to Fraudsters

The Times has revealed that a surge in criminals targeting British pension riches means savers are being scammed out of half a million pounds every day. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Times Read More »

With the Advent of Biometrics, Are Passwords Going Away?

Jackson Shaw,,
VP of product management for One Identity

By Jackson Shaw, VP of product management for One Identity Facial recognition and fingerprint scanning for device authentication are no longer futuristic concepts reserved for James Bond movies. In fact, biometrics seem to be gaining ground over their inferior cousin, the password, by the day. So, why do we all still have more passwords than we would care to remember? ... Read More »

New HNS Botnet Uses Peer to Peer Communications to Infect 20,00+ Devices

A new botnet, dubbed ‘Hide n Seek’ by security researchers, uses custom built peer to peer communication to exploit victims. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: IBT Read More »

Bomgar Enables GDPR Compliance for Privileged Users

Bomgar, a leader in secure access solutions, today announced its secure access solutions can help organisations comply with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates. The amount, sources, and types of data that are collected and used by organisations today has grown exponentially, along with the value that can be gained from obtaining this data. How and where ... Read More »

72 hours and counting: The role of AI in GDPR

John Titmus,
EMEA - Sales Engineering, CrowdStrike

Written By  John Titmus, Director, EMEA – Sales Engineering, CrowdStrike The need to be GDPR-ready may be attention-grabbing right now, but turn this on its head; would you rather be compliant or protected against breaches? If you more concerned about compliance without understanding the role of security and protection, you may face the ticking of the breach notification clock – ... Read More »

Learning to live left of breach

Harlan Carvey,
Director of Intelligence Integration, Nuix

Written By Harlan Carvey, Director of Intelligence Integration, Nuix.  The cybersecurity industry tends to focus its attention on what to do after a breach or a hack occurs. After all, this is the topic of discussion for the media, or an organisations’ partners and customers. “What does the victim do now?” But shouldn’t we at least be as interested, if not ... Read More »