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The University of Plymouth helps lead the way for Cyber Security Degree Apprenticeships

University of Plymouth students who have successfully completed the Cyber Security Analyst Degree Apprenticeship pathway will now gain automatic Associate Membership of the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP), the not-for-profit body dedicated to raising the standard of professionalism in information security. Plymouth is the first university to be accredited under this new scheme. The IISP has been working closely ... Read More »

A digital currency for a digital age

Bitcoin is a volatile digital currency that gained a lot of news coverage in the past couple of weeks as it topped $11,000 in value. It has since increased further. Many outside the digital world would have ignored this, but those of us inside the tech bubble were tuned in to see the rise of the biggest cryptocurrency. However, there ... Read More »

Kaspersky Lab detects 360,000 new malicious files daily – up 11.5% from 2016

The number of new malicious files processed by Kaspersky Lab’s in-lab detection technologies reached 360,000 a day in 2017, which is 11.5% more than the previous year. After a slight decrease in 2015, the number of malicious files detected every day is growing for the second year in the row. The number of daily detected malicious files reflects the average ... Read More »

Cyber security experts warn companies of dangers caused by employees working while on holiday this Christmas

T-Systems (, the corporate IT and cyber-security arm of Deutsche Telekom (Europe’s largest telecoms company), is warning organisations of the security risks associated with allowing employees to work while on their Christmas holiday. Where employees absolutely must interrupt their festivities to email and work remotely, T-Systems says it is essential those employees have had recent cyber-security training, or they risk ... Read More »

Don’t Let the Naughty Elf Run Off With Your Company Data

Ultima, a leading provider of on-premise and cloud IT infrastructure and managed service solutions, is warning companies today to stop the ‘Naughty Elf’ pinching company data left lying around on obsolete technology over Christmas.   Ultima estimates 85% of companies have a pile of old laptops, hard-drives and even old servers lying around waiting for the Elves to attack; often ... Read More »

Airbus CyberSecurity Predictions for 2018

Researchers at Airbus’ external Cyber Security business have compiled their top technology predictions for 2018, based on trends identified at its Security Operations Centres in France, UK and Germany during 2017. Prediction 1: A lack of social media security policies will create serious risks for enterprises As observed during 2017, social media platforms are regularly being used for the spread ... Read More »

Skills shortage or skills wastage? Is your business squandering IT talent?

Alvaro Hoyos, Chief Information Security Officer,

Businesses are under constant pressure to improve operational efficiency. Overheads are continuously scrutinised, with departments tasked with reducing margins year-on-year, and it is the IT department that is under the most pressure to deliver these efficiencies. Digital transformation is hyped as the answer to deliver increased efficiencies, gain competitive advantage and change, for the better, how businesses interact and communicate ... Read More »

Druva Reveals 2017 AWS Cloud Data Protection Survey

Druva, the global leader in cloud data protection and management, today announced the results of its Druva 2017 AWS Cloud Data Protection Survey, which reveals a disconnect between the perceptions of cloud data protection and its reality. The survey solicited insights from IT professionals across 20 industries, including technology, energy, financial and healthcare, regarding the state of Amazon Web Services ... Read More »

Protecting data against attacks – cyber and otherwise.

Dirk Paessler, CEO,

Passwords are continuously being stolen and sold on the Internet for profit. This is leading to larger and more dangerous attacks, with a range of high-profile companies suffering from data breaches. Experts have estimated that over 300 billion username and password combinations will be at risk of being hacked, stolen and sold on the dark web by 2020. LinkedIn, for ... Read More »

Attackers turn sights on healthcare websites

Healthcare IT specialists take note: Websites in this critical market became the most highly attacked of all sectors in third-quarter 2017, registering 1,526 incidents per day on average. That’s nearly a third higher than the next favorite target, finance, which averaged 1,014 incidents per day, while technology takes the third spot with 660. Those are among the topline findings in ... Read More »